How to Apply

Application Instructions


  1. A completed application must be submitted prior to the appropriate deadline.
  2. Applications that fail to follow these specifications may be returned for clarification or may not be considered, depending upon the timing involved. In this regard, please retain one copy of the completed application and support materials for your files.
  3. Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with the Director of ECAP or any member of the Executive Committee for information concerning the development and writing of their proposal.
  4. Applicants are urged to attend the ECAP meeting at which their proposal is considered. Failure to attend the meeting will not jeopardize funding potential, but attendance could facilitate the Committee’s understanding of the proposal.
  5. Applicants will be notified via email of the ECAP Executive Committee decision concerning their funding request. At that time, a final report form will be included for those who have been awarded funding. The final report form must be completed and submitted to the ECAP Committee by the designated deadline. Submission of the final report is a condition for review of future grant requests.
  6. The Ethnic Cultural Arts Program requires all grant recipients to give credit to ECAP for its support. This includes printed materials and confirmation of the program’s acknowledgement.  Compliance with this requirement must be reported in the Final Report that each recipient must complete.


A completed application consists of a TYPED:

  1. ECAP Application Cover Sheet
  2. Project Budget
    1. ECAP Budget Page 1_Expenses Fillable
    2. ECAP Budget  Page 2 Income_Fillable
  3. Project Description (not to exceed 2 single-spaced typed pages).  A successful project description should address the items below:
    1. Describe the event, including secured location, time and purpose.
    2. List personnel involved in the project, including applicants, performers, scholars, and/or technical consultants and briefly describe their qualifications.
    3. Explain how the event or project will promote awareness of the artistic expression of an underserved community and/or ethnic group.
    4. Describe the audience expected or targeted, and the nature and composition of that audience.
    5. Address plans for direct student involvement and the program’s educational benefits.  i.e., Classroom or studio visits, workshops, lectures, etc.
    6. Explain how you plan to advertise your event.
  4. Support Materials. Artist/performer vitas or resumes are required; strongly suggested are letters of invitation/acceptance, contracts, brochures, flyers, artist websites, etc.
  5. Proof read application for errors and/or consistency of dates, monies, mission, etc.
  6. Email a PDF of the original signed and completed application, and turn in 1 hard copy of completed application and 2 hard copies of support materials if applicable (hard copies and support materials may be delivered to the ECAP director at the below address), on or before the appropriate deadline but no later than 5:00 p.m. to:

    Gordon Ricketts, Director

    Ethnic Cultural Arts Program
    c/o G. Ricketts
    1000 Fine Arts Center
    Bowling Green, OH 43403

For additional information, please contact Jacqui at the above address.  Or, consult the ECAP website at