Faculty & Staff


  • James E. Evans, Professor
    Sedimentary geology, surficial processes
  • John R. Farver, Professor, Geology Chair
    Mineralogy, petrology/materials science
  • Yuning Fu, Assistant Professor
  • Enrique Gomezdelcampo, Associate Professor, Environment and Sustainability Chair
    Ecohydrology, GIS, fluvial geomorphology
  • Peter V. Gorsevski, Associate Professor
    Geospatial sciences
  • Andrew J. Gregory, Assistant Professor
    Spatial ecology, landscape genetics
  • Nathan Hensley, Assistant Professor
    Sustainability education
  • Karen D. Johnson-Webb, Associate Professor
    Medical geography, population geography
  • Andrew Kear, Assistant Professor
    Energy and environmental policy, natural gas, fracking, policy theory, state politics, natural resource governance
  • Holly Myers, Senior Lecturer
    Environmental justice, urban sprawl, brownfields and growth management strategies
  • Ganming Liu, Assistant Professor
    Surface water hydrology, limnology
  • Kefa M. Otiso, Professor, Director Global Village
    African urban planning and management, globalization, economic development, international migration, and cultural change
  • Kurt S. Panter, Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator
    Igneous petrology and geochemistry
  • Marius Paulikas, Instructor
  • Sheila J. Roberts, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Acting
    Aqueous and Environmental Geochemistry
  • Arthur N. Samel, Associate Professor, Geography Chair
  • Anita Simic, Assistant Professor
    Remote sensing
  • Jeffrey Snyder, Associate Professor, SEES Director
    Quaternary and glacial geology, geomorphology, paleolimnology
  • Angélica Vázquez-Ortega, Assistant Professor
    Environmental geochemistry
  • Margaret M. Yacobucci, Professor
    Paleontology, paleobiology
  • Yu Zhou, Associate Professor
    Cartography, GIS