Dr. John R. Farver

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  • Position: Professor, Geology
  • Phone: 419-372-7203
  • Email: jfarver@bgsu.edu
  • Address: Room 071, Overman Hall

Education & Experience:

Ph.D., Geological Sciences, Brown University (1988)
M.S., Geological Sciences, Brown University (1984)
B.S., Chemistry, Geology, Geochemistry, State University of New York  (1982)

Specialty Areas of Interest:

Petrology/Materials Science
Synthesis and characterization of natural and synthetic mineral and ceramic aggregates

Current BGSU Courses:

Earth Environments – Ugrad
Earth Materials – Ugrad
Seminar in Geology – Ugrad/Grad
Survey of Materials Science – Ugrad/Grad
Materials and Light – Grad

Recent and Current Research or Grants:

Farver and Miner, (Co-PI’s) "Otolith Microchemistry as a Natural Tag for Mixed Stock Analysis of Hatchery Reared Steelhead", NOAA Ohio SeaGrant Program, $180k awarded.

Farver and Miner (Co-PI's) “Quantifying the Role of Mayflies (Hexagenia) in the Trophic Transfer of Persistent Bioacumulative Toxic Metals in the Western Basin of Lake Erie", Lake Erie Protection Fund, award $10k, 12/06.

Farver and Miner, (Co-PI’s) “Employing Trace Element Contents of Otoliths for Fish Stock Discrimination and Habitat Use", NOAA, Ohio Sea Grant Program, award $173k, 4/2005.

Recent Peer Reviewed Publications and Submissions:

Gorsevski P. V., Onasch C. M., Farver J. R., and Ye X. (accepted). Detecting grain boundaries in deformed rocks using a cellular automata approach. Computers & Geosciences.

O’Kane, A., Onasch, C. M., and Farver, J. R. (2007) The role of fluids in low temperature, fault-related deformation of quartz arenite. J. Structural Geol., 29, 819-836.

Farver J. R. and Brabander, D. J. (2001) Magma ascent rates from mineral reaction rims and extension to teaching about volcanic hazards. J. Geoscience Education, 49, 140-145.

Farver J. R. and Yund R. A. (2000) Silicon diffusion in a natural quartz aggregate: constraints on solution-transfer diffusion creep. Tectonophysics, 325, 191-203.

Farver J. R. and Yund R. A. (2000) Silicon diffusion in forsterite aggregates: implications for diffusion creep. Geophysical Research Letters 27, 2337-2340.

Farver J. R. and Yund R. A. (1999) Oxygen bulk diffusion measurements and TEM characterization of a natural ultramylonite: implications for fluid transport in mica-bearing rocks. J. Metamorphic Geol. 17, 669-683.

Farver J. R. and Yund R. A. (1998) Oxygen grain boundary diffusion in natural and hot-pressed calcite aggregates. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 161, 189-200.

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