Ganming Liu


  • Position: Associate Professor
  • Phone: 419-372-0517
  • Email:
  • Address: Room 280, Overman Hall

Education & Experience:

Associate Professor, School of Earth, Environment and Society, Bowling Green State University [2022-present]
Assistant Professor
, School of Earth, Environment and Society, Bowling Green State University [2016-2022]
Research Associate, School of Earth Sciences, The Ohio State University [2015-2016]
Post-doctoral Researcher, School of Earth Sciences, The Ohio State University [2011-2015]
Education: Ph.D., Environmental Science (specialization: Hydrology & Hydrogeology), The Ohio State University; M.S., Environmental Science, Sun Yat-sen University; B.E., Geological Engineering, Lanzhou University.

Specialty Areas of Interest:

Dr. Liu has broad research interests in the field of Hydrology and Hydrogeology. His research group and collaborators are dedicated to developing new research ideas to solve critical water resources problems in regions and countries around the world. Specific examples of his research themes include:
• Influence of climatic variability/change on water resources and wetland habitats;
• Watershed and wetland processes and modeling;
• Complexity of interacting surface-water and groundwater systems;
• Groundwater flow and mass transport in hydrogeological systems; and
• Inverse/optimization problems.

Research opportunities exist in Dr. Liu’s group for highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students as well as post-doctoral researcher(s). For more information, please contact Dr. Liu.

BGSU Courses:

ENVS 1010 Intro to Environmental Studies
SEES 2220 Water Resources and Issues
GEOL 4460/5460 Hydrogeology
GEOL 6160 Applied Surface-water and Groundwater Modeling (operative title: Watershed Analysis and Modeling)

Recent and Current Research or Grants:

H2Ohio Wetland Monitoring Program. Ohio Department of Natural Resources. BGSU PI (Hydrology): Ganming Liu. Budget $217,818 (as of 06/2023). Duration: 06/2020 – present. (Continuing support of this program is anticipated).

Translating wetland monitoring to better restoration and management: development of a novel simulation-optimization tool for nutrient reduction wetlands. Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) Harmful Algal Bloom Research Initiative (HABRI). PI: Ganming Liu; Co-PI: Lauren Kinsman-Castello (Kent State University). $258,357; 08/2022 - 12/2024.

Exploring and understanding fate and transport of cyanotoxin in porous and fractured media: integrating numerical modeling, laboratory experiments, and field studies. ODHE HABRI. PI: Ganming Liu. $90,286.00; 01/2020 - 12/2022.

Collaborative Research: Climatic and Anthropogenic Forcing of Wetland Landscape Connectivity in the Great Plains. NSF MacroSystems Biology Program, EF-1340648. PI: Frank Schwartz; Co-PI: Ganming Liu. $238,444.00; 06/2014 - 05/2018.

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications:

*Abesh, B., G. Liu, A. Vázquez‐Ortega, E. Gomezdelcampo, and S. Roberts (2022). Cyanotoxin transport from surface water to groundwater: Simulation scenarios for Lake Erie. Journal of Great Lakes Research. 48(3): 695-706.  (*student author)

McIntyre, N., G. Liu, J. Gorzo, C. Wright, G. Guntenspergen, and F. W. Schwartz (2019). Simulating the effects of climate variability on wetlands and wetland-dependent birds in the Prairie Pothole Region. Ecosphere, 10, e02711. 10.1002/ecs2.2711.

Liu, G., F. W. Schwartz, C. K. Wright, N. E. McIntyre (2016). Characterizing the climate-driven collapses and expansions of wetland habitats with a fully integrated surface–subsurface hydrologic model. Wetlands, doi:10.1007/s13157-016-0817-9.

Liu, G., F. W. Schwartz, K. H. Tseng, and C. K. Shum (2015). Discharge and water-depth estimates for ungauged rivers: Combining hydrologic, hydraulic, and inverse modeling with stage and water-area measurements from satellites. Water Resources Research, 51, 6017–6035, doi:10.1002/2015WR016971.

Liu, G., and F. W. Schwartz (2014). On modeling the paleohydrologic response of closed-basin lakes to fluctuations in climate: Methods, applications, and implications, Water Resources Research, 50, doi:10.1002/2013WR014107.

McIntyre, N. E., C. K. Wright, S. Swain, K. Hayhoe, G. Liu, F. W. Schwartz, and G. Henebry (2014). Climate forcing of wetland landscape connectivity in the Great Plains. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 12, 59-64.

Liu, G., and F. W. Schwartz (2012). Climate-driven variability in lake and wetland distribution across the Prairie Pothole Region: From modern observations to long-term reconstructions with space-for-time substitution. Water Resources Research, 48, W08526, doi:10.1029/2011WR011539.

Liu, G., and F. W. Schwartz (2011). An integrated observational and model-based analysis of the hydrologic response of prairie pothole systems to variability in climate. Water Resources Research, 47, W02504, doi:10.1029/2010WR009084.

Zhang, B., F. W. Schwartz, and G. Liu (2009). Systematics in the size structure of prairie pothole lakes through drought and deluge. Water Resources Research, 45, W04421, doi:10.1029/2008WR006878.

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