Dr. Angélica Vázquez-Ortega


Position: Assistant Professor
Phone: 419-372-9385
Email: avazque@bgsu.edu
Address: Room 181, Overman Hall
Room 201A, Memorial Hall

Education & Experience:

Assistant Professor, School of Earth, Environment and Society, Bowling Green State University [08/2017 - present]
Post-doctoral Researcher, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences, University of Notre Dame [01/2015 - 05/2017]
Post-doctoral Researcher, Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, University of Arizona [08/2013 - 12/2014]
Ph.D., Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences (Specialization: Geochemistry), University of Arizona [2013]
M.S., Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, University of Arizona [2008]
B.S., Environmental Sciences, University of Puerto Rico [2002]

Specialty Areas of Interest:

Environmental Science, Soil and Water Chemistry, Geochemistry, Biogeochemistry, Geomicrobiology

• Identify the biogeochemical processes involved on sediment-contaminant transport from different land use and their effects on the water quality of rivers, lakes, and ground water
• Investigate how the physico-chemical characteristics of soils (soil organic matter, oxide minerals, clay minerals, porosity, hydraulic conductivity, etc.) influence the transport and fate of contaminants and nutrients
• Investigate the role of bacteria on pesticide persistence and degradation in low temperature systems
• Examine correlations between inorganic and/or organic contaminants co-transport with dissolved organic matter (DOM) and particulate organic matter (POM) spatially and temporally in river systems

Research opportunities exist in Dr. Vázquez-Ortega’s group for highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in pursuing a B.S. (Geology: Environmental Science), M.S. (Geology) or Ph.D. (through Biology department) degree. Financial support such as teaching and research assistantships will be available for top candidates. For more information, please contact Dr. Vázquez-Ortega.

Recent Peer Reviewed Submissions:

1. Perdrial J.N., Brooks P., Swetnam, T., Lohse K.A., Rasmussen C., Litvak M., Harpold, A., Zapata-Rio X., Broxton P., Mitra, B., Meixner T., Condon K., Huckle, D., Stielstra, C., Vázquez-Ortega A., Lybrand, R., Holleran M., Orem C., Pelletier J., and Chorover J. A net ecosystem carbon budget for snow dominated forested headwater catchments: linking water and carbon fluxes to critical zone carbon storage. Biogeochemistry
2. Perdrial N., Vázquez-Ortega A., Wang G., Kanematsu M., Reinoso-Maset E., Mueller K.T., Um W., O'Day P.A. and Chorover J. Uranium speciation in acid-weathered sediments: the role of aging and phosphate amendments.

Recent Peer Reviewed Publications:

3. McIntosh J., Porter C., Perdrial J., Vázquez-Ortega A., Huckle D., Trostle K., Vinson D., Shepherd C., Rasmussen C., Meixner T., Brooks P., Pelletier J., Derry L., and Chorover J. (in press) Geochemical evolution of the Critical Zone across variable time scales informs concentration-discharge relationships: Jemez River Basin Critical Zone Observatory. Water Resources Research.
4. Vázquez-Ortega A. and Fein J. (2017) Thermodynamic modeling of Mn(II) adsorption onto manganese oxidizing bacteria. Chemical Geology, 464, 147–154.
5. Huckle D., Ma L., McIntosh J., Vázquez-Ortega A., Rasmussen C., Chorover J. (2016) U-series isotopic signatures of soils and headwater streams in a semi-arid complex volcanic terrain. Chemical Geology, 445, 68-83.
6. Vázquez-Ortega A., Perdrial J.N., Amistadi M.K., Rasmussen C., McIntosh J. and Chorover J. (2016) Solid-phase redistribution of rare earth elements in hillslope pedons subjected to different hydrologic fluxes. Chemical Geology, 426, 1-18.
7. Vázquez-Ortega A., Perdrial J.N., Harpold A., Zapata-Rios X., Amistadi M.K., Rasmussen C., McIntosh J., Schaap M., Pelletier J.D., and Chorover J. (2015) Rare earth elements as reactive tracers of biogeochemical weathering in forested rhyolitic terrain. Chemical Geology, 391, 19-32.
8. Vázquez-Ortega A., Hernandez-Ruiz S., Amistadi M.K., Rasmussen C. and Chorover J. (2014) Fractionation of dissolved organic matter by oxy-hydroxide-coated quartz sand: competitive sorbate displacement during reactive transport. Vadose Zone Journal, 13, 1-13.
9. Perdrial J.N., Perdrial N., Vázquez-Ortega A., Porter C., Leedy J., and Chorover J. (2014) Experimental assessment of fiberglass passive capillary wick sampler (PCap) suitability for sampling inorganic soil solution constituents. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 78, 486-495.
10. Heckman K., Welty-Benard A., Vázquez-Ortega A., Schwartz E., Chorover J. and Rasmussen C. (2013) The influence of goethite and gibbsite on soluble nutrient dynamics and microbial community composition. Biogeochemistry. 112, 179-195.
11. Heckman K., Vázquez-Ortega A., Gao X., Chorover J., and Rasmussen C. (2011) Changes in water extractable organic matter during incubation of forest floor material in the presence of quartz, goethite and gibbsite surfaces. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 75, 4295-4309.