Dr. Charles M. Onasch

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  • Position: Professor and Director
  • Phone: 419-372-7197
  • Email: conasch@bgsu.edu
  • Address: Room 190, Overman Hall

FAX:  419-372-7205

Education & Experience:

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA (1974-77)
M.S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA (1971-74)   
A.B., Geology, Franklin & Marshall College (1967-71)
Director, School of Earth, Environment and Society, Bowling Green State University (2007 – present)
Chair, Department of Geology, Bowling Green State University (2000-07)   
Professor of Geology, Bowling Green State University (1992-present)
Associate Professor of Geology, Bowling Green State University (1986-92) 
Assistant Professor of Geology, Bowling Green State University (1983-86) 
Assistant Professor of Geology, University of Maryland (1977-83) 
Visiting Instructor of Geology, Franklin & Marshall College (1976-77)

Specialty Areas of Interest:

Structural geology, role of fluids in low-temperature rock deformation, grain-scale deformation of quartz-rich rocks, strain in foreland thrust belts, recurrent cratonic deformation, shallow geophysics, digital mapping, visualization in the geosciences

Current BGSU Courses:

Introduction to Geology, Earth Structure and Tectonics - Undergrad
Advanced Structural Geology, Engineering Geology, Environmental Geophysics - Grad

Recent and Current Research or Grants:

Role of fluids in low-temperature deformation of quartz-rich rocks
Effect of fluid composition in low-temperature, fault-related deformation   
Empowering Student learning in the geologic sciences with three dimensional
interactive animation and low cost Virtual Reality

Recent Peer Reviewed Publications and Submissions:

Gorsevski, P.V., Onasch, C.M., Farver, J.R., Ye, X., (accepted). Detecting grain boundaries in deformed rocks using a cellular automata approach. Computers & Geosciences

Onasch, C.M., Dunne, W., Cook, J., O’Kane, A., 2009, The effect of fluid composition on the behavior of well cemented, quartz-rich sandstone during faulting, Journal of Structural Geology, 31, 960-971.

Li, L., Onasch, C., Guo, Y., 2008, GIS-based detection of grain boundaries, Journal of  Structural Geology 30, 431-443.

O’Kane, A., Onasch, C.M., Farver, J., 2007.  The Role of Fluids in Low-temperature, Fault-related Deformation of Quartz Arenite.  Journal of Structural Geology 29, 819- 826.

Cook, J., Dunne, W.M., and Onasch, C.M., 2006, Development of a dilatant damage zone along a thrust relay in a low-porosity quartz arenite, Journal of Structural Geology 28, 776-792.

Ferrill, D.A., Burkhard, Martin, Evans, Mark A., Groshong, Richard H., Jr., Morris, Alan P., Onasch, C. M., 2004, Calcite Twin Morphology: A Low-Temperature Deformation Geothermometer, Journal of Structural Geology 26, 1521-1529.

Harrison, M.A., and Onasch, C.M., 2000, Quantitative assessment of low temperature deformation mechanisms in a folded quartz arenite, Valley and Ridge province, West Virginia.  Tectonophysics 317, 73-91. 

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