Fall 2024 ETHN Certificate Courses

Tim Messer-Kruse | Tu 6:00-9:00PM  | CLHL 1011

Description: This course provides an advanced introduction to classical theories of race and ethnicity, cultural studies, postcolonial studies, critical race theory, and the politics of multiculturalism. It focuses on questions of racial and ethnic systems of social organization and signification.

Fall 2024 Approved Cognate Courses:

Heidi Nees-Carver | Tu 2:30-5:20PM | Wolfe Center 201

Description: This course explores the theoretical and practical considerations that shape Native American drama and performance in the 20th and 21st centuries. We will consider the ways in which Native artists and theatre companies create works that are informed by the political, social, and intellectual forces within particular cultural and historical contexts and we will examine ways in which Native artists use theatre and performance to subvert colonial structures, challenge previous representations produced by non-natives, employ humor as a means of resistance, create spaces for healing, raise awareness, and instigate change. Furthermore, we will consider the ways in which indigenous performances are influenced by indigenous epistemologies. In our explorations, we will critically engage with play scripts, videos, audio recordings, images, interviews, articles, and other primary and secondary texts.

Summer 2024 ETHN Certificate Courses

Tom Edge | 6W2 6/24/2024 - 8/02/2024 | ONLINE

Description: This course analyzes the modern debates over how to incorporate themes around race, gender, and sexuality into the curriculum at all levels of teaching. Particular emphasis will be placed upon student demands for separate programs and departments in the 1960s and 1970s, the debates over multicultural education in the 1990s, and current efforts to restrict teaching around questions of identity or systemic oppression.

Previous ETHN Graduate Certificate Course Offerings 

Spring 2024 Courses
ETHN 6800 5001/WS 6800 5001 – Black Resistance & Black Women (Stanley)

Fall 2023 Courses
ETHN 6200- Theories of Race, Ethnicity, and Multiculturalism (Messer-Kruse)

Summer 2023 Courses
ETHN 6820 - Applied Ethnic and Gender Studies (Edge)

Spring 2023 Courses
ETHN 6500/WS 6800 - Sexuality, Race, and Nation (Peña)
ETHN 6730/ACS 5001- Concepts in CRT: Myth and Reality (Messer-Kruse)

Approved Cognate Courses:
ACS 6820 - Digital Media Activism (Gajjala)
ENG 6750 - Black Protest and Black Joy (Sheffer)
HIST 5820 - Black Diaspora (Jackson)
MC 7610 - Race & Communication (Faulkner)
POPC 6610 - International Popular Culture (Rudisill)
THFM 6610 - Theatre/Performance in Cultural Contexts II (Nees-Carver)
THFM 6620 - Black Feminisms and Performance (Forbes-Erickson)
WS 7800/MC 7800 - Critical Ethnographies and Data Feminism (Gajjala)
WS 6820/SPAN 6820 - Transliguistics: Living and Speaking Outside the Lines (Attig)

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