Ruthven's Kingsnake

General Information

Family:  Colubridae

Locale:  North America, most common in southeast, southern New Jersey through Florida, west to central Louisiana and southwestern Texas

Habitat:  Woodlands and fields (wherever rodents live)

Average Size:  2.5-5 feet, record 6 feet

Average Life Span:  21 years

Activity:  Diurnal

Care Summary

Captive care:  20-30 gal aquarium; substrate: newsprint, paper towels, Carefresh; water bowl large enough for soaking; hide box.  If using rack system, adults can be kept in pairs or trios in blanket boxes.

Temperature:   75-85˚F

Lighting:  No special lighting needed.

Diet:  Mice (pinky, fuzzy, weanling, depending on size of snake; food item should be as big around as fattest part of snake); readily takes frozen-thawed; feed once a week, 1-3 food items per feeding.

Breeding:  Brumation between December to mid-February at 63 to 72˚F

                  Breeding to egg laying:  ≥1month

                  Clutch size:  5 to 34; average: 12

                  Incubation:  9-12 weeks depending upon temperature (60-65 days at 82 ˚F)

Temperament: Docile, likes to be held

Notes:  Good beginner snake; hatchlings are escape artists so enclosure must be secure.


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Photo: Eileen Underwood

Range Map:

Compiled by Eileen Underwood. Updated 8/2016.

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