Inspired by the Herpetarium

This page is dedicated to artwork inspired by inhabitants of the Herpetarium.  Creative works include photography, illustrations, paintings, sculptures, and mixed media creations that were primarily done by students working in the lab. In creating these works of art, students combine artmaking with their observations and unique interpretations of the life they see before them, resulting in what we like to call our own version of BioArt.

We also have trading cards that feature artwork and fun facts about a specific species from the BGSU Herpetarium.  This collaborative project was started by Brianna Moore in summer 2016.  She has taken care of primarily Rhacodactylus geckos in the Herpetarium for four years, and she hopes that future students will expand upon the trading card collection using their chosen form of artmaking and passion for herpetology.

Brianna graduated in December 2016 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Digital Arts and Studies in Natural History minor. She hopes to work with an organization that promotes natural history and wildlife conservation by assisting with visual development and field research.

As you browse our galleries, we hope that you find yourself inspired to learn more about the featured animal or even create something of your own!

BioArt and Trading Cards

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Learn More

If you would like to learn more about BioArt or how biology and art are being used in innovative collaborations, visit the resources below:

STEM to STEAM (integration of Art+Design in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education)

ART+BIO COLLABORATIVE (an artist- and biologist-led non-profit organization)

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Artist Corner

Pictured below is some process work for the illustration on the first trading card. 

Card 1 illustration, ink
Card 1 illustration, color
Card 1 illustration, details
Card 1 illustration, final

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