Rankin's Dragon

Rankin's (Lawson's) Dragon, Black Earth Bearded Dragon

Pogona henrilawsoni

rankins dragon 1 

rankins dragon mapGeneral Information

Family:  Agamidae

Locale:  Australia, Central and northwestern Queensland

Habitat:  Transition zone to semi-desert

Average Size:  SVL 13 cm, TL: 30 cm

Average Life Span:  10-15 years

Activity:  Diurnal

Care Summary

Captive care:  ≥ 20 gal aquarium, substrate: sand (with undertank heat pad), or sand/soil/sphagnum moss mix, or paper towel; driftwood, shelter, basking light, screen cover (can be loose), shallow water dish (like to soak).  Can be housed in groups with more than one male (will establish dominance hierarchy).  Some breeders prefer a bare bottom tank, especially for hatchlings.

Temperature:   80-85˚F (26-29˚C) with basking 90˚F (32˚C); 70˚F at night

Lighting:  Full spectrum light; incandescent for heat

Diet:  Crickets (calcium/vitamin dusted), dubia roaches, mealworms, super worms (Zoophoba); finely chopped greens/mixed veggies.  Cricket length should be about the distance between the lizard’s eyes.

Age specific care:

Hatchlings/juveniles: Appropriately sized crickets and mealworms, chopped greens (dusted daily), feed all will eat in 15 minute period.  Do not leave uneaten crickets in cage.

Adult:  Feed every 1-2 days; crickets (dust 2 feedings/week), meal worms, dubia roaches, super worms, dark leafy greens daily.  Some prefer mealworms over crickets.

Breeding:  Two month brumation at room temperature with lights off.  Clutches of 5-18 eggs (2-3 weeks after breeding), up to 5 clutches per season (incubate at 28˚C)

Temperament: Docile enough to hold.

Notes:  Smallest of the eight bearded dragon (Pogona) species.


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Range Map: http://www.environment.gov.au/biodiversity/abrs/online-resources/fauna/afd/taxa/Pogona_henrylawsoni

Compiled by Eileen Underwood, 10/2004.  Updated 8/2016.

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