School Counselor FAQ

Click below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.

If you have additional questions not addressed here, please reach out to our office or your BGSU Admissions Counselor.

Application for Admission

Students can apply to BGSU online through the BGSU hosted Falcon Application or the Common Application.

While BGSU is a member of the Common Application, we are not Common App exclusive, meaning students are welcome to use the application method that is most convenient for them. However, students should NOT apply using both application options as this will cause delays in the review process.

Note:  BGSU can only retrieve documents submitted through the Common Application for students who submit a BGSU Common Application.  If a student has started their BGSU Common Application, their documents are not able to be retrieved until they submit.

The priority application deadline for maximum scholarship consideration is January 15.  BGSU's final application deadline is July 15.

Students are encouraged to apply well in advance of these deadlines as some programs and scholarships have earlier deadlines (BGSU Honors CollegePresidential Scholars Award, Alumni Laureate Scholarship, President's Leadership Academy, Falcon Achievement Award, etc.).  BGSU reserves the right to close the application at any time should enrollment caps be reached.

The application fee is $45 for domestic students and $75 for international students.  

When completing the BGSU hosted Falcon Application, students are not required to submit an application fee in order to submit their application.  Upon application submission, students can students can pay the application fee online using a credit card, debit card, or checking/savings account.  Students can return to their application status page at any point after submitting their application to BGSU to pay their application fee.  If necessary, payment can be made via check.  The student's full name (as listed on the application) and date of birth should be clearly written on the memo line and sent to Office of Admissions, 200 University Hall, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH 43403.

When completing the Common Application, students can pay online using a credit card, debit card, or checking/savings account.

No matter which application method a student uses, fee waivers are available to qualified students.  BGSU accepts officially signed NACAC fee waivers and Common Application fee waivers as proof of economic need.

No.  Whether a student chooses to apply to BGSU through the BGSU hosted Falcon Application or the Common Application, all admission requirements, materials, deadlines, fees, etc. remain the same.

BGSU operates solely on a non-binding, rolling admission basis.  Students will typically receive an admission decision within 1-4 weeks of all required materials being submitted. BGSU does not pool/hold applications until a certain date and then review/release decisions.

The Early Action option offered through the Common Application simply allows students to ensure they meet our application submission deadline for consideration for academic scholarships offered through the Office of Admissions.  Students must also submit all required materials by the posted credential submission deadline.

When making an admission decision, the two most important aspects are the cumulative GPA and the ACT (composite) or SAT (reading + math) test score (if a student is not applying test optional). However, class rank, involvement, and the college prep curriculum are also taken into consideration, as well as all information supplied on the application for admission.

The BGSU hosted Falcon Application typically opens the summer before a student's senior year (June/July) while the Common Application is available in early August.  Students are welcome to apply the summer before their senior year if using the BGSU hosted Falcon Application.  However, an admission decision will be delayed until all required materials are submitted, including an official transcript showing final junior-year grades, test results, etc.

We will use the highest GPA reported on an official high school transcript for admission and scholarship consideration.  This could be a weighted or unweighted GPA.  Non-4.0 scale GPAs will be converted to a 4.0 scale.

Submitting Application Materials

BGSU accepts official electronic transcripts from the following services:

  • ATC - Ohio Board of Regents
  • Naviance eDocs
  • Parchment/eScript
  • Scoir
  • Scriborder
  • Overgrad
  • The Common Application
    • BGSU can retrieve documents submitted through the Common Application only for students who submit a Common Application to BGSU.  Documents cannot be retrieved through Common Application for students who apply through the BGSU hosted Falcon Application, even if they submit a Common Application to another school
  • Secure upload directly to the BGSU Office of Admissions via our Secure Counselor Portal (log in required)
  • Faxed to 419-372-6955 (must include official school coversheet/school letterhead)

If necessary, official paper transcripts and other materials should be mailed to:

Office of Admissions
200 University Hall
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403

Test scores submitted on an official high school transcript are accepted by BGSU as official.  Students wishing to send official score reports may do so through their ACT and/or SAT account using the following school codes:

  • ACT: 3204
  • SAT: 1069

These documents are not required for admission, but students/counselors are welcome to submit these or any other materials if they would like these items taken into consideration during the review process.  These materials and more may be required for separate programs (such as the BGSU Honors College) or scholarships students apply to at BGSU.

Yes. If offered by your school, students may submit an official transcript with 7th-semester grades for admission and scholarship consideration or reconsideration. (Materials for scholarship reconsideration must be received by the posted deadline.)

Test Scores

BGSU's ACT code is 3240.
BGSU's SAT code is 1069.

BGSU does not prefer one over the other. If both the ACT and SAT are taken, BGSU will always consider the highest ACT composite or SAT reading + math section scores from one single test date for admission and scholarship consideration.  

No. BGSU will always consider the highest ACT composite or SAT reading + math section scores from one single test date for admission and scholarship consideration.  If a student is admitted and/or has been awarded an automatic academic scholarship but then sends in lower test scores, their admission decision and/or scholarship award will not change.  BGSU does not require that all ACT or SAT scores be sent in.

Yes, BGSU will superscore ACT and SAT results.

Yes. If a high school has the official ACT or SAT results listed on the high school transcript, we will use them for the student's official record.  If your school does not include test scores, students must send in scores from ACT or College Board.

Financial Aid

BGSU's FAFSA School Code is 003018.

Students do not need to fill out a separate scholarship application for the University Freshman Academic Scholarship or BG Success Scholarship (for out-of-state students) offered through the Office of Admissions.

However, scholarships offered by other BGSU programs, departments, colleges, etc. or outside entities may have additional scholarship applications and varying deadlines.  Students should view the scholarships and financial aid page as well as the Student Financial Aid website for information.

Students must apply to BGSU by January 15 to be considered for the University Freshman Academic Scholarship.  Additional freshman scholarships may have earlier or later deadlines as detailed on the freshman scholarships webpage.

Students are encouraged to begin filling out their FAFSA on October 1 and submit by January 15 to be considered for maximum financial aid.  Students who submit a FAFSA after January 15 are awarded qualifying aid as funds are available.

Yes.  However, updated credentials (official transcripts and/or test scores) showing the improved GPA and/or test score must be received in the BGSU Office of Admissions by the posted deadline.

Academics/Student Life

Yes.  If a student earned college credit from an accredited college/university before high school graduation, they must have an official transcript sent from each institution from which they received credit.  BGSU cannot award college credit reported on an official high school transcript.  Official college/university transcripts should be sent to the BGSU Office of Admissions.  Information on how credit earned at another institution may transfer to BGSU can be found on our Transfer of Credits webpage.

Yes.  Students can earn BGSU credit by scoring a 3 or higher on the AP exam. BGSU credit awarded will vary based on the score earned on the AP exam as detailed in the BGSU undergraduate catalog.

Students interested in the BGSU Honors College must submit a separate Honors College application by the posted deadline, after submitting their BGSU application for admission.  Please see the Honors College website for details on the application process, deadlines, scholarships, Honors Learning Community, and more.

The Honors College can be contacted at or 419-372-8504 and is located in 024 Founders Hall.

Undergraduate students are required to reside in University-owned housing as a condition of enrollment unless:

  • They are commuting daily from the home of their parents, guardians or spouse (within 50 miles of Bowling Green) –or–
  • They are over the age of 20 –or–
  • They have earned 60 semester hours (junior academic standing) and/or four semesters of campus residency on or before the first day of classes

Applicants who initially request on-campus residence, then decide to live off-campus, must return their housing agreements with a note explaining their intention to commute. Please contact the Office of Residence Life at 419-372-2011 for further information on this process.

Yes. All students who purchase a valid parking permit are able to have a car on campus.

School Counselor Portal

BGSU's School Counselor Portal is a secure service which allows school representatives to review who has applied to BGSU from their school, upload official transcripts and other documents, and view admission decision.

Users can filter results based on application term, applicant type (freshman or College Credit Plus), and admission decision.

New users must first submit a security access request.  Once verified, you will receive an email with instructions to create a password and login.

On the log in screen you'll see two options to reset your password.  Please click the second option which reads:

  • If the BGSU Office of Admissions has provided you with an account, please use your email address and the password provided by Admissions. If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it.

If you need to change your username/email because you have changed schools or your email address has changed, please contact the Office of Admissions by email at for assistance.

As a security measure, accounts are set to inactive if not logged into frequently enough.  Please send an email to and be sure to include the following information:

  • Full name (including former name if your name has changed)
  • School name
  • School email address
  • School phone

Not providing all information will result in verification and reactivation delays.

Within the secure School Counselor Portal, you have the ability to upload official in-progress or final transcripts, fee waivers, ACT/SAT score reports, or any other application-related document to a student's file.  

Because students may have multiple applications on file (College Credit Plus and freshman applications, for example), we encourage you to utilize the sort/filter options and take note of the application term and application type when uploading documents.

At this time, only College Credit Plus (CCP) and freshman students applying to BGSU for the semester directly following their high school graduating are displayed. 

Freshman applicants who took a gap of any length after graduating from high school (excluding the summer semester following high school graduation) and all transfer students will not appear in the School Counselor Portal.  If official high school transcripts and/or ACT/SAT results are needed for these applicants, they will be notified and documents can sent to BGSU by secure electronic delivery (Naviance, eScript, etc.), mail, or fax.  See below for alternative delivery options.

Please ensure you do not have a filter set which would only show students to a certain application type, decision, or term or with a certain name.  Additionally, only 20 records are shown per page so you may need to navigate to another page using the forward/backward buttons at the bottom of the listing.  Finally, students will not immediately show in the Counselor Portal upon submission of their application.  We first verify the school information the student entered is correct, meaning applicants may not appear until 1-2 business days after they submit their application to BGSU.

No.  Official documents can be sent to the BGSU Office of Admissions in the manner that works best for your school/students.  If not utilizing the School Counselor Portal to upload documents, it can still be used to verify applicants to BGSU and view their admission decision.

Verified users can upload an official transcript through the School Counselor Portal or through the following channels:

  • ATC - Ohio Board of Regents
  • Naviance eDocs
  • Parchment
  • eScript-Safe
  • The Common Application (only for students who submit a Common Application to BGSU)

BGSU also accepts official paper transcripts when faxed to 419-372-6955 (must include a coversheet on school letterhead) or mailed to:

Office of Admissions
200 University Hall
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403

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