Transfer of Credits

At BGSU we understand the importance of receiving credit for your previous coursework. You are eligible to receive credit whether you are a student transferring to BGSU from another institution or you took college-level classes during high school (such as CCP or dual-enrollment). Admitted students transferring from another institution will need to send an official transcript of previous college coursework to BGSU, and an evaluation of that credit will be included in their Admissions packet. Admitted students who were involved in College Credit Plus or dual-enrollment in high school will need to send an official transcript of previous college coursework to BGSU, and they will receive an evaluation of that credit sent to their BGSU emails. 

Keep in mind that all accredited, college level courses transfer, but may not transfer as equivalent BGSU courses - this means courses may transfer for credit towards graduation, but might not apply to your specific degree requirements. If you have questions, reach out to the Transfer Team in the Office of Admissions or an academic advisor in your degree program. Utilize the resources below to explore how your credits may transfer: 

Articulation Resources

Transfer Evaluation System (TES)

Transfer Evaluation System from CollegeSource, is a free course-by-course equivalency resource for students to determine how their credits will transfer to BGSU from another institution.  Click below to begin searching your college(s) for course transferability and equivalency details.

Transfer Evaluation System


Transferology is a free, online database that lists estimated course equivalencies for most Ohio institutions and a wide range of out-of-state institutions. If your school/course is not listed on Transferology it does not mean your credit will not transfer. It simply means an official evaluation will need to be completed by the Office of Transfer Credit Evaluation upon admission to BGSU.


Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (OGTP)

The Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways enable students to streamline credit transfer among the state's public institutions of higher education to find the best pathways to degree completion and launch successful careers.

Ohio Community & Technical College Equivalency Guides

Transfer equivalency guides are available for many Ohio Community and Technical Colleges.  These guides assist in selecting courses that align with the BG Perspective - BGSU's general education program.

Transfer Guides

Military Credit & Prior Learning Assessments

Questions about transfer of military credit and awarding of credit for learning acquired outside a formal classroom setting should be directed to Nontraditional & Military Student Services.

Additional Assistance

If you have questions regarding transfer of credit for classes not listed on Transferology or in a transfer equivalency guide, please contact a Transfer Advisor or the Office of Transfer Credit Evaluation, 419-372-7959.

Updated: 09/25/2023 11:38AM