How to transfer credits

The only way to receive an official evaluation of what credits will transfer is to apply to BGSU. But you can use other tools to help you estimate how many credits will transfer.

Transfer Evaluation System

The Transfer Evaluation System is a free resource that allows you to see what coursework from your current or previous institution will transfer to BGSU. 

Pro tip: Consult the BGSU catalog to see what courses are required for your intended major at BGSU. Then cross check with the course listings in the Transfer Evaluation System to see which courses will transfer and fulfill those requirements.

Transfer Evaluation System


Transferology is a free, online database that lists estimated course equivalencies for most Ohio institutions and a wide range of out-of-state institutions.

If your school or course is not listed on Transferology it does not mean your credit will not transfer. It simply means an official evaluation will need to be completed by the Office of Transfer Credit Evaluation when you’re admitted to BGSU.


Tools for Ohio community and technical college students

Using these guides – and choosing the right coursework – will help you finish your bachelor’s degree at BGSU in the most efficient way possible.

Transfer Top 20 guides

Select courses at your current institution that may meet the requirements of your intended major at BGSU. 

Transfer equivalency guides

Select courses at your current institution that align with the BGSU general education course requirements (we call them BG Perspective requirements). 

Transfer agreements

BGSU and some community colleges in Ohio have created transfer agreements for some degree programs – a way to seamlessly transfer into a bachelor’s degree program at BGSU after completing your associate degree at community college. 

Many students are able to finish a bachelor’s degree at BGSU with just two additional years of study. 

See if your community college has a transfer agreement for your major.

Ohio’s Transfer Promise

Are you transferring to BGSU from another Ohio institution? Ohio promises that your coursework will transfer from one public institution to another. The Transfer Credit Ohio website is a great resource.

Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (OGTP)

Successfully earn your associate’s degree and complete an Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathway at one Ohio public institution. The state guarantees that all coursework taken as part of the pathway will transfer toward the completion of a bachelor’s degree program in a related major at another Ohio public institution.

Ohio Transfer 36 

Ohio Transfer 36 provides guaranteed transfer credit for general education requirements.

Take general education requirements at one Ohio public university or college and they’ll satisfy requirements at any other Ohio public college or university. 

Transfer Assurance Guides (TAGs) 

If you are planning to transfer from one Ohio public college or university to another, TAG courses will guarantee transfer of pre-major and beginning major coursework in your intended major.

Transferring military or other credits

You may be able to earn BGSU academic credit for other kinds of experiences:

  • Credit from military experience
  • Credit from life or job experience (this is what we call prior learning assessment credit)

If you have questions, contact:

Official transfer credit evaluations

When you apply, you must send official transcripts from all colleges or universities you have attended. We will evaluate your coursework and send your official transfer credit evaluation in your admission packet.

You will need to send an official transcript of that coursework. We will evaluate your coursework and send your official transfer credit evaluation to your BGSU email.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind that all accredited, college level courses transfer, but may not transfer as equivalent BGSU courses. This means courses may transfer for credit toward graduation, but they might not apply to your specific degree requirements. 

If you have questions, reach out to the transfer team or an academic advisor in your degree program. 

Questions about transferring your credits?

Contact a transfer specialist or call the Office of Transfer Credit Evaluation  at 419-372-7959.

Updated: 04/08/2024 11:01AM