Pathway Program FAQs

Application Questions

Students cannot apply directly to the program.  Due to the limited space in the program students who qualify will be offered admission after submitting a complete application for admission.  Students are considered for the program based on a complete review of their application and supporting credentials such as high school curriculum/grades, ACT/SAT results, essays, involvement, etc., and their potential for success at BGSU.

Students must submit an application to BGSU's Main Campus in Bowling Green, OH to be considered for this program.

No, the standard application deadlines and fees apply.  However, space in the program is limited, students are encouraged to apply early.

Academic Questions

Students in the Pathway program are not able to declare a major during the first year. However, the general education classes students take in the program will apply to nearly all general education requirements for all majors at BGSU.

After successfully completing the program and advancing to their sophomore year, students will be able to declare their BGSU major.

Students will take one college readiness/success course that prepares them for collegiate academic expectations, introduces them to available campus resources and helps promote good study skills. These courses count as elective credit, but other general education classes students enroll in will count toward graduation requirements.

Students in the Pathway Program can expect to take classes similar to those listed below during their two semesters in the program.  Course selection is planned before each semester begins with the student's academic advisor.  A typical schedule is outlined below but can vary based on each student's individual situation.

First Semester (August-December)
  1. University Success Course
  2. Science Course
  3. Writing Course (determined by writing placement exam)
  4. Mathematics Course (determined by math placement exam)
Second Semester (January-May)
  1. Academic Writing Course
  2. Mathematics Course
  3. History Course
  4. English Literature Course
  5. Intended Major Course

This ultimately depends on the chosen major but usually, the answer is yes.

Each major has its own requirements for degree completion and some majors require the completion of more credit hours than others. Pathway advisors have conversations with the students up front about their desired major and how much work will be required to finish in four years. Advisors will also discuss options to help students complete degree requirements in a timely manner, such as taking summer classes.

Students who have earned college credit while in high school (College Credit Plus, dual enrollment, post-secondary enrollment options, etc.) will not be required to take a course they have already successfully passed.  Academic advisors will work with students on an individual basis to determine alternative coursework and help create their class schedule each semester.

If you have earned college credit from another institution while still enrolled in high school, you must send an official transcript from each college/university to have the credit evaluated and applied to your student record.  BGSU cannot accept or award college credit listed on a high school transcript or a transcript other than the credit-granting institution.

Students take Pathway courses as a cohort of about 25 students.  This allows ample opportunity to interact with professors and fellow students and form lasting relationships both in and out of the classroom.

BGSU faculty teach Pathway courses, and both instructors and advisors will have office hours for students to receive assistance, guidance, and build relationships.  Students stay in contact with their success team via email, phone and text message.

Students have full access to the wide variety of BGSU academic, personal, and social services including but not limited to:

Student Life Questions

Yes. Students who live within a 50-mile radius of BGSU's main campus can commute; they are not required to live on campus.

Yes, Pathway students can also live on campus! This ensures they can easily access all academic, personal and social offerings of BGSU's Main Campus in Bowling Green, Ohio. The Office of Residence Life has additional details about housing options.

Students who live more than 50 miles away from BGSU's main campus are required to live in a residence hall.

All students who live in BGSU residence halls must purchase a meal plan. Meal plans allow students the flexibility of eating at a variety of dining establishments at times that are convenient for them. BGSU dining staff will work with students who have special dietary needs due to dietary, medical, religious, or personal reasons. Vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan options are available across the campus' dining facilities. BGSU Dining Services provides additional details about meal plans, dining facilities, and menus.

Students in the program are able to participate in student organizations, but should first consult with their advisor to ensure they are devoting adequate time to their academic responsibilities.  

Absolutely! Students in the Pathway Program will have access to all the same facilities, services, and extra-curricular opportunities of any other Main Campus student. This includes BGSU Falcon athletic events, the Student Recreation Center, Jerome Library, the Falcon Health Center, the Career Center and more.

Yes.  All BGSU students must purchase a parking permit through Parking Services if they choose to have a car on campus.

Financial Aid & Cost Questions

While in the Pathway Program, students study on the BGSU Main Campus in Bowling Green, OH but pay a reduced tuition rate for the first year.  

First Year

Ohio Residents 

Tuition $7,490.40
Room $6,360
Bronze meal plan $3,890
Total $17,740.40

Non-Ohio Residents 

Tuition $7,390.40
Nonresident fee $7,988.40
Room $6,360
Bronze meal plan $3,890
Total $25,628.80

Students admitted to Pathway would not qualify for academic scholarships offered by the BGSU Office of Admissions such as the University Freshman Academic Scholarship or the BG Success Scholarship.  If students are awarded scholarships from outside sources, such as community organizations, they should consult with the scholarship administrator to determine how to send proof of this award to the BGSU Student Financial Aid to have the award applied to their bursar bill.

Students may qualify for other types of aid including loans, grants, federal work-study, etc.  Eligibility for some types of aid is based on the submission of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for further information.

No.  Students/parents can fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as they normally would, using BGSU's School Code 003018.

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