Two BGSU media production and studies majors work on a computer to create a video story in the BGSU Convergence Studio.

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Arts in Communication (BA/BAC)


Media Production and Studies

Listen. Watch. Produce. Understand. Analyze.

Communicating a message that stands out, achieves its goals and is remembered is both a skill and an art. The BGSU media production and studies program teaches you how to create communications that engage audiences and how to recognize and analyze media trends.

You can pursue a Bachelor of Arts (focused on the art of communication) or a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (focused on understanding why and how we communicate).

Both degrees offer specializations in media production or media studies.

Why study media production and studies at BGSU in Ohio?

  • Internships. Get real-world experience with two required internships. Opportunities are available around the country and locally at the BG public TV station or the student-led Falcon Media.
  • Dedicated, knowledgeable faculty. Expert faculty members with industry experience help you explore timely topics and trends to prepare you for a career in the ever-changing media industry.
  • Hands-on learning. Practice your craftin state-of-the-art audio and video production studios and in active learning classrooms in the Michael & Sara Kuhlin Center. Learn more about our labs and studios:
    • Convergence Lab collaboration space
    • Radio studios
    • Audio recording studio
    • TV production studio
    • Production control room
    • Editing lab
    • Focus Group room

Career – what can you do with a media production and studies degree?

Media production students enter careers ranging from TV and radio producers and directors to social media, nonprofit and advocacy communications, advertising and education.

Media studies students are well suited for careers in writing, marketing, media and advertising. Some of our graduates pursue further academic studies and enroll in the BGSU master’s program in media and communications.

BGSU graduates of the media production and studies program work for the Associated Press, E! Network, Discovery Communications and Sirius XM Radio.

Career paths

  • Television/film/video producer
  • Multimedia producer
  • Social media manager
  • Media planner
  • Music producer
  • Program researcher
  • Content strategist


All media production and studies students are required to complete two internships, which provide significant, real-world experience before graduation.

The campus PBS affiliate, WBGU-TV, is one of the local options that offer internships. Falcon Media, the BGSU student media organization, also has options to gain hands-on experience.

Other internship opportunities are available across the nation, thanks to connections from BSGU’s well placed alumni.


The core of the curriculum for the media production and studies program is designed to help you  analyze and understand the context that shapes media and the effects of different types of media communication. Students also develop the skills and knowledge to create content for a variety of platforms.

You can choose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

  • Bachelor of Arts – more focused on the art of communication
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication – focused on understanding why and how we communicate

Whichever degree you choose, you can specialize in:

Media Production – For those who want to become leaders in the production of effective media content and media industry management. You will gain the creative and technical capabilities to produce high-quality audio and video for today's multi-platform media environment. Foundational courses include media literacy, social practices, media policy and broadcast history.

Media Studies – Students who specialize in media studies are generally more interested in analysis and criticism than production. You learn to analyze trends in media industries and understand the influences of media on individuals and society. Classes focus on the study of broadcast history, technology, representation practices, market structures and media industry policies.

Required courses B.A.

Required courses BAC

Four BSGU media production and studies students work at the production consoles of one of the Kuhlin Center’s state-of-the-art TV production facilities.

Sample courses

  • Television and Video Production
  • Multiple-camera Studio Directing
  • Audio Production
  • Media and the Information Society
  • Writing for Electronic Media
  • Privacy, Dissent and the Surveillance Society
  • Television Newscast Directing

Student organizations

Get involved early and start building your resume so that you can compete successfully for internships.

BGSU College of Arts and Sciences

The media production and studies program is part of the School of Media and Communications in the BGSU College of Arts and Sciences.  

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