Stay on track for graduation

There should be no guesswork in earning your degree. Your advisor and these tools can help you stay on track and reach your goals.

Falcons Take 15

Taking 15 credit hours each semester keeps you on the fast track to graduation. Maintaining this academic momentum makes you more likely to graduate in four years and maintain your Falcon Tuition Guarantee. 

Falcon Tuition Guarantee

The Falcon Tuition Guarantee locks in your tuition and fees, housing, meal plan and out-of-state costs for 12 consecutive semesters for undergraduate students. From the first bill to the last, you know from the start what your charges will be. This makes it easy for you to budget and plan for the next four years.*

*Maximum four-academic year period is guaranteed. 

Schedule Planner and Designer

This helpful duo allows you to review your entire degree and plan what semesters you will fulfill the credit requirements. The Schedule Designer puts you in control of the courses you register for by setting preferences for days, times and instructors. Set busy times for things like work, athletics or other commitments. Auto-generate multiple schedule options and use the lock tool to secure your ideal courses.

Degree audits

The Degree Audit Records System (DARS) allows you to review your BG Perspective and major course requirements and track your degree progress.

Academic catalog

The academic catalog lists all program and course descriptions, course requirements and a host of other information that helps you plan your academic path.

Academic policies

Know your rights and responsibilities. Review this comprehensive list of BGSU academic policies.

GPA calculator

Use this easy calculator to figure out your grade point average each semester.

Academic standing

Learn what it means to be in good academic standing and how your GPA affects your steady progress toward your degree.

Updated: 06/27/2024 03:30PM