Bowling Green State University provides educational experiences inside and outside the classroom that enhance the lives of students, faculty and staff. Students are prepared for lifelong career growth, lives of engaged citizenship and leadership in a global society. Within our learning community, we build a welcoming, safe and diverse environment where the creative ideas and achievements of all can benefit others throughout Ohio, the nation and the world.

Learning Outcomes

  • Intellectual and Practical Skills
    • Critical and Constructive Thinking—Inquiry, Examining Values, Solving    Problems Creatively
    • Communication—Writing, Presenting
    • Engaging Others in Action—Participating, Leading
  • General and Specialized Knowledge
  • Personal and Social Responsibility
  • Integrate, Apply and Reflect

Each of the major areas of study at Bowling Green State University holds high and explicit expectations for student learning; these expectations are embodied in learning outcomes for each of the majors. Even though the learning outcomes are necessarily different from major to major all share fundamental educational values, which are described by the University Learning Outcomes.


Core Values

  • Respect for one another
  • Collaboration
  • Intellectual and personal growth
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Pursuit of excellence