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April 27, 2021
In spring 2018, our faculty and staff came together to rethink our University's strategic plan. It was a shared process to create a strategy to position Bowling Green State University for future success. We recognized not just the challenges ahead, but our strengths and opportunities. We responded with an updated mission, vision, core values and six objectives. It was because of that foundation and our commitment to work and drive the strategic plan that we were able to meet the COVID-19 global pandemic head on. We all know that this has been a very difficult year that has demanded much of us, but in the midst of crisis and uncertainty, we were flexible and adaptable, and we harnessed our creativity and innovation, never giving up on our belief in our students and in our mission to create public good.
COVID-19 has certainly taught us so much, not just as individuals, but as a community and as a University. This has been a watershed moment for higher education. It showed how we are interconnected and that technology is a tool and not an obstacle. It was an academic year unlike any other, and we recognized the need to refine our strategic plan.
We are so thankful for our faculty and staff for their input in this process to develop a new plan. Provost Whitehead and additional Cabinet members joined me for virtual town halls, and we posted a two-week open comment period, followed by roundtable discussions for each constituency group, college and for administrative and classified staff. Cabinet and deans reviewed the plan, we engaged and discussed with the Board of Trustees, and each step of the way we incorporated feedback from our community.
Today, we are excited to share Forward. – our shared strategic plan to create public good. This is a more targeted and intentional plan, with four strategic and foundational objectives, each with four initiatives. Because of your input, Forward. belongs to each of us.
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These four objectives have synergy with our previous strategic plan. We are not losing sight of our goal to redefine student success, and to elevate our commitment to research, creative activities, partnerships and external engagement. To accomplish these objectives, we must be efficient and effective and, above all, it is our people – our students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, parents, families and community members – that power our University and help us achieve excellence.
I. Driving Public Good through Redefining Student Success
II. Creating Public Good through Research, Creative Activities, Partnerships and Engagement
III. Powering Public Good through our People and Community
IV. Supporting Public Good through Efficient and Effective Processes, Structures and Technologies
Forward. demonstrates our commitment to embrace our role as a 21st-century public university for the public good. While this plan builds off our momentum and will serve as our University's guiding strategy, it is not defined just by goals and metrics. It is defined by your actions. It is defined by our collective aspirations and limitless potential. It is defined by our journey, forward.
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