Code of Academic Conduct

The Academic Honesty Policy is designed to enhance and sustain an environment of ethical and principled intellectual pursuit, consistent with the core values of the University. This policy is based on respect for intellectual property as well as for one another. Academic honesty is essential to the academy. Honest pursuit of academic challenges and higher learning are the essence of the university experience. Respect for one another is fostered when our academic environment is free from cheating, lying and stealing not only of property, but ideas as well. Individual and personal quests for knowledge will expand and challenge students’ creativity and intellect. Academic dishonesty is contrary to intellectual growth and pride in a job well done. Bowling Green State University graduates have met the challenges of achieving scholarly excellence and higher learning. Compromising academic honesty negatively impacts the foundations of our academy. We strive to nurture the respect inherent in the honest attainment of scholarly excellence. Discussion of the Academic Honesty Policy provides an opportunity to instill in students respect for honest and appropriate behavior.

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