Lines  Ladders  and Leadership Conference

Lines, Ladders, and Leadership Conference

March 7-8, 2024

Lines, Ladders, and Leadership Conference

2-Day Option
March 7-8, 2024

BGSU Campus
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
lunch included

1-Day Option
March 9, 2024

Findlay, Ohio
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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This 2 day lecture series will cover the tactical priorities and operations of both the Engine and Truck company.   Topics will include size up, line selection and placement, attack strategies, search priorities, and coordinated fire attack.  Understanding not only why, but when to apply specific fire ground tactics will be discussed. 

The importance of SOPs and riding assignments, as well prioritizing fire ground tactics with limited staffing will be covered. Tactical tips for the Engine and Truck Officer, as well as firehouse leadership lessons will also be covered.  Whether you are a new or veteran company officer, this discussion is sure to bring value to your position as a leader, mentor, and supervisor. 

Company and chief officer lessons, including command, safety, maydays, and first due decision making for both fire and non fire operations. (Technical rescue scenarios) Initial size up, actions, and on going needs.

Effective leadership is paramount both in the firehouse, and on the fire ground. Participants will explore the qualities and attributes that make for exceptional fire ground leaders, including decision-making skills, communication, and adaptability.

Lead Instructors
Mike Ciampo, Lt, FDNY
JJ Cassetta, Lt, Orlando FD
Clyde Gordon, District Chief, Houston FD


Lines, Ladders & Leadership Conference - 1 Day Option
Location: Findlay, Ohio


Mike Ciampo


Cassetta image
JJ Cassetta

Lt., Orlando FD

Clyde Gordon

District Chief, Houston FD

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