Xinyue Ye, Ph.D., Center for Regional Development School of Earth, Environment & Society

Xinyue YeWith the dramatic improvement in computer technology and the availability of large data sets (over time and space), space-time analysis becomes a rapidly growing research frontier across disciplines. Managing and modeling complex data in (near) real time offer extraordinary opportunities to the study of complex environmental and social systems, from land cover change to infectious disease transmission. I have been guiding undergraduate and graduate students from computer science, geology, math and stats to explore heterogeneous (spatially non-homogeneous and temporally non-stationary) processes (working on projects such as epidemic propagation, air pollution modeling, temperature estimation, and land cover change) using dynamic exploratory space-time mapping and data mining. I use Python, Matlab, R, and ArcGIS to develop methods and tools. In 2008, I received the Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Award (DDRI) from National Science Foundation for my dissertation proposal "comparative space-time dynamics". Starting from 2009, I am a tenure-track assistant professor, who holds a joint position between Center for Regional Development (Department of Commerce EDA University Center) and School of Earth, Environment, and Society.
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