W. Robert Midden, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry

The main goal in my lab this summer is to assess the impact of human activity on water quality in the Portage River Watershed. The results of this investigation are intended to be used as a model for other similar watersheds in the Western Lake Erie Basin. This watershed is of medium size and includes features that are common to many of the other watersheds in this region. Thus it is feasible to achieve a somewhat comprehensive understanding of the factors that most influence water quality in this watershed in a way that can be reliably applied to efforts to manage other similar watersheds throughout the region.

The impact of CAFO manure application is being assessed by collecting water samples upstream and downstream of manure application sites (manure application sites are identified in the CAFO manure management plans). At times, samples are collected from points draining multiple manure application fields. At other times, samples are collected from points that directly drain a single manure application field (typically a ditch adjacent to that field). Some samples have been collected prior to any manure application, 6-24 hours following manure application, and at much longer than 24 hours following manure application.

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