Tony Fantana

Tony FantanaThe Movement Lab investigates how the brain produces the intricate timing patterns necessary to execute complex motor activities, such as speaking, typing on a keyboard, or dancing. The long term goals include a better understanding of movement disorders and how our brains represent time.

I am looking for one or two highly motivated students to work on challenging research projects. The candidates need to have an affinity for math and excellent programming and computer skills. Candidates with a proven ability to work independently and reliably will be given preference.

Students who worked with me in my former lab at Harvard walked away with hands-on research experience and improved ability to think critically and creatively about complex problems (and a glowing reference letter). These skills have proven invaluable when applying for jobs, internships, or graduate/medical school. I look forward to offering the same experience in my new lab at Bowling Green State University.
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Updated: 08/19/2021 01:59PM