Scott O. Rogers, Ph.D., Department of Biological Sciences, and Center for Biomolecular Sciences

Scott O. RogersStudents would be involved in one of several projects ongoing in the lab. The first is a project to isolate and identify microorganisms and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from ice cores that originated in Greenland and Antarctica. The ice ranges in age from a few hundred years old to two million years old. A related project is one that aims to identify microorganisms from Lake Vostok, Antarctica, a lake that is as large as Lake Ontario, but on that is buried under two miles of ice. The objective of a third project is to isolate influenza A viruses from lake ice from Alaska, Canada, and Siberia. For each project, students would be involved in working with ice cores, culturing and sequencing from microorganisms, and analysis of data. They would work directly with me, as well as with other students (undergraduate and graduate) in the lab. Typically, there are 1-2 undergraduate students and 5-10 graduate students working in the lab. The results from our research are published regularly in scientific journals. Everyone who contributes to the publications is included as a co-author.
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