Moira J. van Staaden, Ph.D., Department of Biological Sciences, and JP Scott Center for Neuroscience, Mind & Behavior

Research in my laboratory is aimed at understanding the sensory and ecological forces underlying evolutionary radiations, using two model systems: cichlid fishes in the African Great Lakes, and bladder grasshoppers. Students participating in this program will play active roles in a range of ongoing projects employing a variety of acoustic, anatomical, behavioral, and molecular techniques. They will be part of a laboratory team comprising undergraduate, MS and PhD students, affording an opportunity for my graduate students to gain experience as mentors. Over the past six years I have mentored 18 high school and undergraduate researchers in my lab, all of whom have gone on to graduate school, veterinary/medical school, or become high school science teachers. Students in my lab are encouraged to present their work at local and national conferences and to publish in the peer-reviewed literature. In this way, they gain experience in all critical aspects of the scientific process, from hypothesis generation to final publication.
303 Life Science Building

SETGO Summer Research

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