Lee Meserve, Ph.D., Department of Biological Sciences

For over 20 years, students in our lab have been investigating the effects of consumption of the environmental pollutant polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) by rats during pregnancy on physiological measures of development in their offspring. Early work focused on thyroid status and neurochemistry of these pups. Our recent work, done in collaboration with Dr. Casey Cromwell (Psychology) has provided the added dimension of behavior of the mother rat and behavioral development of the young after exposure to the persistent toxin. Undergraduates have worked alongside graduate students and faculty mentors in these investigations, have been co-authors of research posters presented at local, regional, national and international research meetings, and have been co-authors on papers published in research journals.

503 Life Sciences, BGSU

SETGO Summer Research

Updated: 04/24/2018 11:58AM