Dr. Jeffrey G. Miner, Ph.D., Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Miner is an aquatic ecologist working on population and community ecology in Lake Erie and local reservoirs. We study the ecology of invading species (e.g., zebra mussels and round gobies) and their interactions with other organisms. Current projects include a study of the distribution of stocked rainbow trout in Lake Erie to determine the distribution, survival, and life history characteristics of these fishes using otolith (ear bone) microchemistry. We also have a current project to quantify the environmental and biological variables regulating the community of fishes in up to 50 local reservoirs. We have summer and academic year research projects for undergraduates that will complement graduate student research in these areas. These projects will entail a combination of field research experimentation and collections or laboratory experiments, followed by sample processing and data analyses.

336 Life Sciences Building

SETGO Summer Research

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