Hans Wildschutte, Ph.D., Department of Biological Sciences

Research in the Wildschutte Lab is aimed at understanding how environmental bacteria in aquatic systems survive against other bacteria and predators. First, we isolate bacteria from Lake Erie and identify them. Next, we use the bacteria in the lab to perform experiments. One project identifies bacteria that can inhibit the growth of other bacteria. A second project identifies bacteria that can kill predators.

Students will play active roles in these ongoing projects and learn a variety of microbiology, genetic, and molecular techniques. They will work directly with me and part of a laboratory team comprising undergraduates, MS and PhD students. Students in my lab will learn a range of skills including how to maintain a scientific notebook to experimental design and testing. Students are encouraged to present their work at local conferences and to publish in the peer-reviewed literature. Combined, students gain experience in all critical aspects of the scientific process, from hypothesis generation to final publications.

424B Life Sciences Building

SETGO Summer Research

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