Cesar Perez-Bolivar, Postdoctoral Fellow-Senior Researcher, Center for Photochemical Sciences (Anzenbacher Research Group)

As part of the Anzenbacher Research Group, this laboratory focuses on organic-electronics devices such as organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and organic photovoltaic cells (OPVs, solar cells):

The research focus in the organic electronic lab in the Anzenbacher Research Group (ARG) is on materials for optoelectronic applications. We design, synthesize and characterize new materials with electronic properties useful for application OLEDs and OPVs. We prepare compounds with the most promising properties and then we incorporate them in working opto-electronic devices. In our lab, the students learn the art of chemical characterization, spectroscopy analysis and material analysis. Utilizing the most suitable compounds the students have the chance to learn about hi-tech techniques of device fabrication such as organic vapor depositions, spin coating deposition and sputtering coating deposition. Depending on the projects that the students decide to work on, then they are trained in the specific method of electrical characterization and surface profilometry and metrology for the devices.

The research staff in Dr. Anzenbacher's group consist of a number of senior research associates, graduate students, as well as undergraduate researchers. The high ratio of senior personnel (i.e. postdoctoral associates) gives the students the advantage of always working with an expert-mentor who will help them in their research. Frequent meetings with Dr. Anzenbacher provide students with ample opportunities to gain broad insight into the fundamentals of research in organic electronics and significantly contribute to the training and professional growth of the students. We have had a number of undergraduate students working on various research assignments with us in the past, and we are proud that some of their efforts resulted in publications in international peer-reviewed journals.

In summary, the students gain hands-on experience in the fabrication of OLEDs and OPVs, as well as in their characterization. Also, students may learn the basics of organic chemistry transformations and product purification techniques. They will gain knowledge regarding the characteristics that are important for future technologies and will be able to apply their skills in fundamental research or industrial settings.

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Above left to right: Cesar Perez-Bolivar and Pavel Anzenbacher


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