Falcon Club Member Spotlight


Becca Ferguson is joined by Randy Moody to watch Falcon Hockey at the Slater Family Ice Arena.

Why I Give

Becca Ferguson

I am honored to be asked to submit a few words as to why I am a member of the Falcon Club. Short answer — to support our students in their academic and athletic endeavors.

Should you want more — here is how I got involved. I first gave to the Falcon Club in 1998 when David Hyslop approached and asked me to become a member. Having recently started at BGSU as a new employee I was looking for ways to support students and a mere $100 seemed like a good way to get started. Little did I know how much that simple gesture would affect my time at BGSU and beyond.  

I started attending athletic events and, yes, the games on the fields, courts, mats, tracks and more were exciting. But beyond that, the academic achievements of our student-athletes truly impressed me. Our ability to provide a safe and competitive environment for young adults to grow was fun to watch. The dedication of our alumni, friends, staff and faculty as they assist these young adults is never ending. When you pay attention, you can see your donations at work.  

The drive and passion of our student-athletes on their chosen field of play and in the classroom continues to refresh each year as the incoming students become a part of the BGSU family. I have increased my donations over the years — because I can. The joy I receive watching our students succeed gives more to me than my donations to BGSU and them. If you can, join us and share in this pleasure. 

Updated: 07/10/2024 09:40AM