BGSU Science Café

This is an ongoing series of events that highlights the important work being done by BGSU researchers that impacts the quality of life in our region, the state and the world.




New technologyDr. Farida Selim, associate professor of physics, will discuss her work in developing breakthrough technologies and novel materials to drastically decrease the energy consumption, size, and weight of our everyday power electronic devices.

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Dr. Jonathan Kershaw, assistant professor of food and nutrition, will discuss sensory (taste) and messaging strategies to increase consumer acceptance of sustainable food systems. Although people increasingly recognize the need for environmentally-friendly foods, sustainability remains far behind taste, price, health, and convenience as a factor that influences food purchases. In this presentation, Dr. Kershaw will share examples of projects to improve the acceptance of perennial agriculture, aquaponics, and plant-based protein.

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Dr. Joshua B. Grubbs is an associate professor in the clinical psychology Ph.D. program in the Department of Psychology at Bowling Green State University. He will discuss how the proliferation of pornography on the internet has led to new challenges in clinical psychology and elaborate upon how work being done at BGSU is changing how the field of psychology understands pornography use.

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Assistant Professor of Graphic Design Andrea Cardinal will discuss Interactive Storytelling, which is a form of visual communication that combines various media and user interaction to deliver a comprehensive engagement of both qualitative and quantitative data. Attendees will be able to assess if their own research would be served by IS to drive policy or cultural change.

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PrintDr. Hans Wildschutte is an associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at BGSU. His research focuses on the identification of compounds and bacteriophage that kill deadly bacterial pathogens. Dr. Wildschutte will discuss how students in his lab and classroom tackle these efforts.

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PrintDr. Chris Ward, an assistant professor in microbial ecology in BGSU’s Biology Department, will discuss the what, why and how of algal biofuels and bioproducts. There will be an exploration of the ways you may already be using algae in your everyday life. Dr. Ward will share the current roadblocks keeping algae from your gas pump as well as what his lab at BGSU is doing to help advance the mass algal cultivation process and improve water quality in Ohio and globally.

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Jan 2021 Sci CafeDr. Angélica Vázquez-Ortega, an assistant professor in geochemistry at BGSU's School of Earth, Environment and Society, will discuss how federal and regional agencies, higher education institutions and farmers are working collaboratively to implement agricultural best management practices (BMPs) in the Maumee River Watershed. The goal is to control nutrient losses in order to mitigate harmful algal blooms (HABs) in the Western Lake Erie Basin.

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Dec 2020 Sci CafeWith human population and seafood consumption both rapidly increasing, the demand for seafood products has put incredible pressure on wild fisheries. As a result, many species of fish are overfished and alternative sources of seafood products are necessary to meet the demand. Aquaculture, or fish farming, has been thought to be the solution but is often viewed unfavorably by consumers. New technologies and strategies can be utilized to reduce negative impacts and improve consumer perceptions of aquaculture. A discussion of novel, ground-breaking systems being developed and implemented in Northwest Ohio will show how high quality products with few, if any, negative impacts are shaping a bright future for aquaculture.

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Oct 2020 Sci CafeDr. Ostrowski, an associate professor in BGSU's Chemistry Department, will discuss the basic photochemistry research taking place at BGSU’s Center for Photochemical Sciences, and how this work promises to deliver new discoveries and, ultimately, help create public good. She will share about a photochemical reaction in seaweed, and how the chemistry going on in this natural system can be applied to make new materials that capture and release nutrients from wastewater.

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