Before Orientation

Before your on-campus visit for University Orientation, there are some particular items that you need to be sure to cover. Once you’ve had a chance to browse and begin working through the New Student Checklist, be sure to take care of the following items.

  1. First, be sure you have your University Orientation date confirmed.  You should be receiving emails leading up to your University Orientation date.
  2. Next, take a look at the key financial to-do items on the check-list. Reviewing this information and planning for your visit will help you be best prepared if you choose to meet with a Financial Aid counselor.
  3. If you’ve not already done so, you must complete your Writing Placement Test before May 1 or at least two weeks prior to your student orientation visit.
  4. If needed, check-out local overnight accommodations.
  5. Review and print directions related to travel and parking for orientation.
  6. Don’t forget a valid state issued photo ID, which is required to receive your BG1 Card.
  7. Bring a bag or backpack to store the information and resources you’ll pick-up during the day.
  8. If you have received an application for admission into TRIO Student Support Services, please complete it with signatures, bring it with you to orientation, and turn it in to a TRIO staff member.

Updated: 01/30/2024 11:28AM