New BGSU graduate offers advice for summer

Social distancing, precautionary measures don’t end when spring ends


Meredith Troxel is a Bowling Green State University senior majoring in public relations from Sandusky, Ohio. After graduation, she would like to work in higher education for a university's communications department.

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By Meredith Troxel ’20

Being stuck inside certainly is not anyone’s ideal situation. With the end of spring semester and summer approaching, warmer weather is in our future. Classwork is done and now we want to spend time outside, visit friends and go on vacation, but our world has changed. COVID-19 has brought a new precedent to the way we spend our summer.

Many of us won’t be going on our family vacations, weekend trips to friends that live far away or spending our days off of work at the beach. But how can we stay connected with friends and family and fill the void that COVID-19 has left us?

There are many ways to supplement these experiences and memories so we don’t feel as though our summer is completely gone.

Zoom or FaceTime is not just for remote learning. There are many ways to connect with friends and family via video chat, including playing online games. There are many multiplayer games that allow players to compete against one another, including 8-ball, air hockey and battleship. Houseparty is a group video chat app that has games integrated into it.

If you have friends that live nearby, find a day that works for everyone and have a social distancing picnic. Grab your favorite fast food and meet in the nearby public parking lot. Sit on your cars, eat lunch and discuss all those Netflix shows you’ve been binging. Don’t forget to park six feet apart!

If you have a creative or funny family, try themed dinners. Dress up to the theme and cook food together that fits the theme. I haven’t tried it with my family, but I did see some families on social media who all dressed up like one member of the family every night. It was funny to see their creativity come out and the reaction of the family member they dressed as — especially when they all dressed like the dad.

One thing I look forward to every year are bonfires. Nothing is better than cool nights around a fire and s’mores, of course. Luckily, it’s easy to sit apart around the fire. If you have a projector and a blank wall on your house, you can even set up a movie to watch around the fire.

Even though our current situation is not ideal, social distancing and our precautionary measures don’t end when spring ends. We are excited to return to classes at Bowling Green State University this fall, but things will be different. We have to adjust and find the good in every situation. Just think about how fun next year’s vacations and beach days will be!