Three ways for BGSU students to stay organized during online learning

A few simple methods to help students adjust to online classes

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Meredith Troxel is a Bowling Green State University senior majoring in public relations from Sandusky, Ohio. After graduation, she would like to work in higher education for a university's communications department.

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By Meredith Troxel

Managing your way through one online class can be tough, but managing all your classes online can be even tougher. Here is a guide to online learning provided by Bowling Green State University.

If you have never taken an online class before, staying on top of your schoolwork is super important when you do not have those physical check-ins with going to class and in-person office hours with your professors.

There are many different ways to manage and organize work and due dates, but it is important to choose the method that works best for you. Here are a few methods that might help you organize all those updated syllabi.

Buy a new 2020 planner

The best part of the new semester is sitting down and writing in due dates into a brand new planner. Now, your planner is more than likely filled with tons of strikethrough due dates. You might find that starting fresh again is the best option. Planners come in every budget. Walmart has many for as low as $7. You can also find free printable weekly planners on Pinterest or other blogs.

Utilize daily or weekly to-do lists

If a planner is not quite your thing, consider writing your own to-do lists. These lists can be in whatever format you prefer, whether daily or weekly. Assignments also can be written down in the order that works best for you and your classes. Think about organizing assignments from the soonest due date to the latest due date, or from most to least important. To-do lists are great because you can feel productive after crossing off each item on your list. You also can physically see everything that needs done and not just as a list in your head or spread across multiple emails.

Download a digital planner app

A great way to stay organized at your fingertips is through an app or website. There are many free and paid versions for both computers and phones. myHomework is a great app that allows you to organize homework by classes, set due dates and reminders, and has a monthly calendar where you can input personal events as well. myHomework can be found on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. Google Calendar is also great for visually laying out your months and it also syncs between all your devices. Digital planners are great for people who are always on the go and like to look at their week, without having to carry a traditional planner everywhere. When looking for digital planning software, it is important to research and test out different ones to find what works best for you and your workload.

The next seven weeks might seem tough, but they will be great for having more time to focus on schoolwork and to improve your organization for the fall semester.

Stay healthy and good luck, Falcons!