Scherer and Jabs’ ‘Cooperative Wisdom’ wins gold Nautilus Award


A book co-authored by Dr. Donald Scherer, professor emeritus of philosophy, and BGSU alumna Carolyn Jabs, a journalist and author, is the recipient of a gold Nautilus Award. “Cooperative Wisdom: Bringing People Together When Things Fall Apart” won recognition for illuminating an innovative and highly effective approach to conflict resolution.

“We started working on the book in 2008, long before the recent election,” Scherer said. “Today, we find that people are deeply tired of endless conflict. There’s a real hunger for the benefits that come only from cooperation.”

Scherer, who specialized in environmental ethics during his teaching career, spent a lifetime studying social systems to understand what makes them sustainable. “Cooperative Wisdom” distills his research, describing five principles that promote the kind of cooperation that undergirds thriving human communities.

“The book is rooted in rigorous ethical philosophy,” Scherer said, “but the principles are relevant for families, schools, workplaces, nonprofit organizations and even governments.”

Scherer and Jabs wrote the book as a conversation, a time-honored way of presenting philosophical ideas. Using living examples from history, current events, family life and Scripture, the book guides readers through 15 practices that will help them master this new way of responding to conflict.

Jabs writes the award-winning column “Growing Up Online” and has published hundreds of articles on families, ethics, environmental issues and the internet. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, Working Mother and Family PC, among many others. She is also the author of “The Heirloom Gardener.”

The Nautilus Book Awards recognize books that transcend barriers of culture, gender, race and class. Now in their 19th year, Nautilus awards go to books that make exceptional literary contributions to conscious living and green values, high-level wellness, positive social change, and spiritual growth. In keeping with the Nautilus slogan, “Better books for a better world,” all the books selected as winners are “potent seeds for the growth, coherence, and healing of our world.” Previous winners of the award include Dr. Deepak Chopra, Barbara Kingsolver, Louise Erdrich, Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, the Dalai Lama, Dr. Andrew Weil, Desmond Tutu and Naomi Wolf.  

“Cooperative Wisdom” is available at local bookstores including Grounds For Thought and Barnes and Noble. It can also be purchased at Learn more about the book.

Updated: 01/25/2019 04:48PM