BGSU one of the safest colleges in U.S.

Bowling Green State University is ranked 27th on the 2017 list of Safest Colleges in America.

This ranking was created using the most recent data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting and the National Center for Education Statistics. The top-ranked colleges boast safe campuses with little or no crime and low overall crime rates (off campus).

“I am pleased that BGSU has been identified as one of the country’s safest colleges,” said President Mary Ellen Mazey. “Every member of the University community has a responsibility to participate in crime prevention efforts. By working together, we can help ensure a safe and secure campus.”

Individuals can support this effort by being aware of their surroundings, by reporting criminal or suspicious activity and by getting involved in University-sponsored crime prevention programs.

The BGSU Department of Public Safety provides around-the-clock protection and sponsors many crime prevention programs. The Campus Escort Service, University Shuttle, sophisticated outdoor lighting system and outdoor emergency telephones combine to provide a campus environment that feels safe and secure.

For information about crime prevention, policies for reporting crime on campus and crime statistics for the most recent three-year period, see the BGSU Campus Security and Fire Safety Report.

More than 2,000 four-year colleges and universities were accessed to compile the 2017 list of Safest Colleges in America. created the list after finding that campus safety contributed to anxiety about college.

Updated: 12/02/2017 12:22AM