My Summer Experience: Candice Cotton

Candice Cotton
Counselor at YMCA Camp Campbell Gard 
Junior, Special Education

My summer experience consisted of long nights, fun weekends, hardships and struggles, but also triumphs and lifelong friendships.

This is the second summer I have spent at YMCA Camp Campbell Gard in Hamilton, Ohio, as an Intervention Specialist Counselor. I found out about this incredible facility my second year at BGSU and have dedicated my past two summers to changing the lives of children through camp. As an Intervention Specialist major, I have found my passion helping children and being an advocate for others who may not get the support that they deserve.

A man named Homer Gard founded YMCA Camp Campbell Gard in the 1920s as a place where all children could go and become their best selves. This camp means a lot to me because I am passionate about working with students who have exceptionalities. I hope that each child has every opportunity to strive to become the best person they can possibly be through inclusion and education.

I have worked with a number of children with and without exceptionalities. Each child in my cabin changed my outlook on my profession, and these opportunities boosted my confidence in my ability to master challenges that may be discouraging at first.

I encourage everyone, no matter their interest, to find experiences that push and motivate them. This is an experience that I will hold close to my heart and will never forget.

Updated: 12/02/2017 12:56AM