Young musicians invited to hone skills

BOWLING GREEN, O.—Young musicians can polish their skills during Bowling Green State University’s annual Summer Music Institute for junior high and high school students, June 12-24.

Presented by the College of Musical Arts, the program promises rich opportunities for aspiring musicians to promote their musicianship in a challenging, stimulating and fun-filled environment.

The institute, “Where Music Takes Flight,” offers eight camps designed to target the needs of young instrumentalists, vocalists and recording artists. Instrumental camps include brass, saxophone and piano camps, as well as a double-reed making “boot camp.” Vocalists may choose to take one or both options of Vocal Arts and the Musical Theater Camp. In addition, the College of Musical Arts offers a recording studio camp for students to determine their interests and talents in the increasingly popular field of music recording.

BGSU’s Summer Music Institute has been hailed by the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University as “one of the best summer programs for aspiring young musicians,” attributed in large part to the excellence of the college’s music faculty. This summer’s staff includes Mark Bunce, director of the recording studio camp; Drs. Jacqueline Leclair and Nathaniel Zeisler, co-directors of the double-reed making camp; Dr. Bill Mathis, director of the brass camp; Christopher Scholl, director of the voice camp; Todd Schreiber, director of the musical arts camp; Dr. Solungga Fang-Tzu Liu, director of the piano camp, and Jeffrey Heisler, director of the “super sax” camp.

Registration must be completed by May 10. Student charges for camps range from $175-$495 depending upon the camp chosen, housing arrangements and meals. Scholarship funding is available for students.

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(Posted April 06, 2011 )

Updated: 12/02/2017 01:03AM