U.S. Families in 2010

Family Profiles

  • FP-13-08
    Receipt of Food & Cash Assistance among Poor Children: Trends and Geographic Variation
  • FP-13-03
    Grandchildren: Living in a Grandparent-Headed Household
  • FP-13-02
    Public Assistance Participation among U.S. Children in Poverty, 2010
  • FP-12-21
    First Marriage vs. Remarriage in the U.S., 2010
  • FP-12-15
    Demographic Profile of Same-Sex Parents
  • FP-12-14
    Remarriage Rate in the U.S., 2010
  • FP-12-07
    Median Age at First Marriage, 2010
  • FP-11-13
    Marital Duration at Divorce, 2010
  • FP-11-12
    First Marriage Rate in the U.S., 2010
  • FP-11-09
    First Divorce Rate, 2010