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Email is a traditional communications vehicle and while it can be an effective method, it is not as effective as it used to be due to overuse and lack of strategy. With the rollout of the new Adobe Campaign email platform, the BGSU Office of Marketing and Brand Strategy has developed an email process outlining guidelines and editing processes.

Email Guidelines

There is a two-week turnaround time for email requests; due to the number of email requests received by our office, it is more important than ever to adhere to this timeline whenever possible.

In order to have an email designed, your communications manager needs the following items:

  • Email content
  • Subject line
  • Sender audience
  • Sender name
  • Preview text
  • Expected sending day and time
  • Email addresses to receive proofs

Guidelines to consider when requesting an email:

Purpose of email

  • To invite your audience to an event

  • Take an action step of some type

  • To ask for feedback/input

  • To remind your audience about an event or deadline

  • To share critical information

  • To share timely information


  • Segment your list as much as possible

  • Faculty (or targeted faculty in a specific college, program, etc…)

  • Staff (or targeted staff)

  • Students (undergraduate, graduate, etc…)
  • A combination of audiences (ex. students, staff, faculty)

  • Colleges
  • Campus (BG, Firelands or both)


  • Allow a two-week turnaround time for email requests’ first proof

  • Send event/deadline emails two weeks prior to the event/deadline date

  • Mondays and Fridays are not effective days for email

  • Send your email at the time most convenient to your audience – include specific time in your
 request; review analytics for your audience

    • Faculty/staff emails 6 a.m. through mid-morning

    • Students may be more receptive to late afternoon and evening emails


  • Include a call to action whenever possible

  • Consider your subject line carefully
    • Subject line and preview text almost exclusively determine your open rate – and should never be the same
  • Use the inverted pyramid style of writing, be concise
  • Use bullets whenever possible
  • Ask a coworker to look at your message, if they can’t determine the purpose in 5 seconds, rework it

  • Campus-wide emails will be edited for flow, content, AP style, consistency and overall BGSU brand voice.

Email tools

  • Analytics are available for every email sent by the Office of Marketing and Brand Strategy
  • Review these analytics to find what is or is not working for your client
  • A/B testing is available and can help make your emails more effective

    • Consider testing subject line, content, call to action’s, personalization, day, time of day, etc.

Resending original emails

Resending original emails should only be done if there is low attendance and/or there is a change to the event itself that people need to be made aware of. Should the email be resent it should have a new subject line and changes in copy that reflect new information or can further drive attendance.

Updated: 03/24/2021 10:28AM