Social Media Guidelines

You are part of the BGSU brand

Bowling Green State University brand is made up of its community. BGSU students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and families are the face of BGSU. With social media, we have the ability to bring our brand to life digitally for anyone to see. As social media managers, it is our goal to introduce the world to the University we love and enhance our community’s experience.

In an ongoing effort to make this hub as valuable as possible, we will continue to expand upon and evolve the social media requirements and resources available within this site.


  • Relatable and dynamic
  • Intentional and strategic
  • Unifying – a place where everyone can engage, belong and celebrate success
  • Engaging, friendly, connection
  • Informative
  • Vibrant, curious, courageous
  • Aspirational while being authentic – this is what college could look like for me
  • Cutting-edge, current trends

Our philosophy

“Telling our story” is initiative 8 in the Strategic Objective II: Creating Public Good Through Research, Creative Activities, Partnerships and Engagement in the University’s Forward. Strategic Plan. As social media managers, it is our responsibility to tell the world how BGSU is creating public good through the relevance and significance of our research, scholarships and creative activities and how we enhance our communities through engagement, service and partnership.

Social media is a big part of the connections Falcons make while choosing BGSU, studying at BGSU and staying connected after they graduate. Social media accounts should enhance our community’s experience with Bowling Green State University.

Social media is often the first-place people connect, seek information, celebrate success and complain. It is our responsibility to minimize negative experiences and manage the ones we can’t avoid. Growing and managing your social media account goes beyond posting nice photos. We are storytellers. We believe social media is an effective tool when rooted in collaboration, innovation and relevancy.

Goals, strategy, supporting Forward.:
Using Forward. as the foundation of social media storytelling, our goal is to elevate the BGSU brand as a public university for the public good.

The vision of BGSU

With a spirit of innovation, Bowling Green State University is a premier, inclusive learning community that develops, transforms and impacts individuals and communities through learning, collaboration and discovery. As a public university, BGSU focuses on contributing to the public good and embraces its role as a national model in addressing the educational, economic and social vitality of our region, the state of Ohio, the nation and the world.

Bringing our brand to life.

Meet the Official BGSU Social Media Team:

Brianna Blackburn

Brianna Blackburn

Juwaan McGee

Juwaan McGee

Juwaan McGee

Brielle Somodi

BGSU Social Guidelines at a Glance:

  • All social media content must follow BGSU brand guidelines.
  • Curate content that follows the social media accessibility checklist.
  • Follow the University Social Media Policy.
  • While we recommend posting at least daily, at minimum all managers must post once a week to ensure all BGSU social media accounts are active and not ghost accounts.
  • Timely communication is critical in social media – we must have the social media manager’s contact information on file. If the social media manager leaves the University, the Official BGSU Social Media team must be notified.

Joining the BGSU Social Media Content Team:

  • Internships
    • Internships are posted on an as needed basis on Handshake. Feel free to reach out to Brianna Blackburn at bblackb@bgsu if you are interested in learning more.
  • The BGSU Brand Ambassador Program
    • This program is a great opportunity to gain marketing and visual communication experience.


Contact Us

Michael Bratton
Manager of Media Relations

Brianna Blackburn
Manager of Social Media Strategy

Colleen Rerucha
Senior Director of Executive Communications and University Spokesperson

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