Let Your Major Be Your Guide

Let Your Major Be Your Guide™ is updated and produced each year as a collaborative effort between the Ziggabyte® technology store at Falcon Outfitters, the Bowling Green State University academic departments, and Information Technology Services (ITS).

BGSU does not have a computer purchase requirement, so expectations related to technology can vary significantly based upon the academic program and what is prevalent in that field. This guide is designed to support academic success by providing BGSU students with technology recommendations based upon their major course of study.

College and academic programs have helped to make it easier for students to learn about the technical specifications, software, and accessories appropriate for each academic discipline. In addition, Ziggabyte® and ITS have provided helpful information about using technology and related services offered at BGSU.

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The Let Your Major Be Your Guide™ is available as a printed booklet at Ziggabyte® at Falcon Outfitters.

Use of the name “Let Your Major Be Your Guide” is by permission of TigerTech and the University of Missouri. We appreciate their innovation in developing the original concept and their continuing permission to use the name.