Thad Long

Life Design Radbill Staff Portraits 2023

Thad Long

Life Design Coach 

Address: 314 McLeod Hall 

Greetings!  Now that you’ve found this site, you are one step closer to designing the college and life experience that fits your personal values.  I’d love to assist you in the journey, so if you’re ready, let’s do this together! -Thad

Thad has always been a designer at heart. He was raised in Bowling Green, where his father, Dr. Cliff Long, was a math professor at Bowling Green State University. From an early age, Thad enjoyed delving into details, especially when it came to sports. Thad was always intrigued by strategy and building order out of chaos. Whether it be in an HR role creating training systems or in the classroom facilitating a lesson, Thad enjoys designing and making lists or spreadsheets to help organize everyone and guide those around him. 

With his passion for these skills, he also enjoyed the people around him and worked to genuinely get to know them. Thad loves seeing people succeed and playing his part in the team to make sure they can achieve their dreams. Over 33 years, Thad worked at BGSU in the Recreation and Wellness Department, where he helped people set goals and succeed. Thad enjoys developing people and helping them reach lightbulb moments of realization in order to build their way forward positively. Through being a Life Design Coach, he can synthesize his love of order and structure with his human centered caring approach. Thad wants all of his students to accept themselves for who they are, celebrate that with them, and help them make steps toward their future goals.  

Thad’s favorite Life Design tool is Wayfinding Pathways. He believes its ability to visualize one’s future in non-linear ways is important in this modern era. The 6 Steps of the Design Thinking Process also speak to Thad, because he has always used his work to create organized and efficient systems that serve those around him. Now, he can do it even more directly and personally as a Life Design Coach. 

In Thad’s class, students can expect content to be practical and meaningful, whether that be a new tool he is teaching or a discussion around a topic that is directly relevant to your life. Thad respects the power of theory, but he strives to make the Life Design content applicable and relevant to students now. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, students can expect Thad to be an incredible resource who will always work to help them find the answers they need. When conversing with him, he wants you to bring your authentic self, because he will also bring his genuine self. Coaching sessions are a time for open communication where compassion and care can be expressed and felt. Thad views teaching and coaching like a tandem bike; where we’ll take turns in both the front and rear seats – sometimes steering, and sometimes providing information and support.  

Thad’s biggest piece of advice for college students is to focus on the relationships you have with others, so you are able to live in the moment more fully. The temptation of looking at your phone is pervasive and keeps you stuck looking down while you are missing the grander scope around you. Life is about seeing the forest rather than getting stuck on one tree; it’s about discovering your own thoughts and letting your own values guide you rather than what others say. Thad wants you to embrace the process of learning and growing into the person you want to be.  

On his way to work, Thad keeps these ideas close to his heart as he passes the tree and memorial plaque honoring his father, located right outside McLeod Hall where Cliff taught. The Long legacy of helping others in meaningful ways is always being positively designed forward, and their impact continues to leave an indelible mark in Bowling Green.  


  • Bowling Green, OH 

Majors / Degrees

  • Bowling Green State University = Bachelor of Science in Sports Management (Information, Promotion, and Marketing) 

  • Bowling Green State University = Master of Education in Sports Administration 

Professional Experiences / Certification

  • Associate Director of Recreation and Wellness at BGSU and Purdue University and HR Training and Development Roles 

Interests Outside of Work

  • Pickleball, Bike Riding, Hiking with Family, Going to Garage Sales, and Walking My 2 Dogs 

Words to live by

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” -Theodore Roosevelt 

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