Journey of a Life Design Student

While students can enter Life Design at any point of their college experience, there are key deliverables for every student who engages with the program at similar stages of the path. Through this intentionally designed process, students build a toolkit to navigate their college journey and life.

Year 1

  • Enroll in BGSU 1910
  • Connect With a Design Coach
  • Build a Flight Plan

Year 2

  • Continue 1:1 Coaching
  • Explore Career Connections
  • Prototype Experiential Learning Opportunities

Year 3

  • Establish Career Connections
  • Optimize Experiential Learning Opportunities Through Internships, Co-ops or Immersive Research
  • Expand Career Planning and Engagement With Faculty Mentor

Year 4

  • Engage With Alumni Network
  • Graduate With Strong Sense of Purpose
  • Launch a Career or Attend Graduate School of Choice
  • Connect to Professional Development Opportunities After Graduation

Journey of a Life Design Student

What does the individual student journey look like?

Throughout the Life Design program, students’ individual paths are unique to their own journey, goals and mindset.
These pathways may look like:

Life Design 2022

Student #1

The Undecided Student

Enters BGSU in the deciding student program

Explores ways to connect interests to career paths with design coach, peers in 1910

Interns at non-profit

Declares major in communications

Leads PRSSA student organization

Builds professional connections in non-profit health care industry through faculty mentor


Launches a career as a communication specialist at non-profit

Life Design 2022

Student #2

The Curious Student

Enters BGSU as a biology major without a clear sense of direction

Connects to environmental action student organization through 1910 class and 1:1 coaching

Adds minor in entrepreneurship

Participates in The Hatch

Works with faculty member to start a small business as a student

Builds a network with alumni in industry through career connector


Grows small business after graduation

Life Design 2022

Student #3

The Driven Student

Enters BGSU as an applied health science major

Connects purpose in health science to career aspirations through 1:1 design coach

Studies abroad, gains experience related to optometry

Participates in a clinical related to study abroad experience through career connections

Receives graduate school acceptance


Attends optometry school

Updated: 08/10/2023 02:32PM