Molly Weiland


Molly Weiland

Life Design Coach 

Office: 314 McLeod Hall

Whether you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, disconnected, or just need help making sense of all that BGSU has to offer, Life Design is a great place to start! As a Life Design Coach, I recognize that YOU are the expert on you and your own experiences. I'm here to collaborate and help you get in touch with your authentic self! 

Molly has always been drawn to helping young people and connecting with students who feel misunderstood. A native of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, Molly received her undergraduate degrees in English, Writing, and Secondary Education from Cardinal Stritch University. As a college student, Molly led creative writing classes and social-emotional workshops for students in the juvenile justice system. She also spent a summer developing and teaching a physical education program in rural South Africa. These experiences helped her reframe what education could be and further solidified her desire to help create change for young people at both a personal and societal level.

After graduation, Molly worked in residential youth care and then spent several years as a middle and high school alternative education teacher, where she advocated for students’ mental health and other needs within an inequitable system. During this time, Molly also spent a summer teaching and developing alternative classroom management strategies for a nonprofit organization in Ghana. This work inspired her to pursue a Master’s degree in School Counseling from Concordia University Wisconsin. After finishing her counseling internship as a college and career coach at a Milwaukee high school, Molly's lifelong talent for creative writing led her to earning a second Master’s degree in Creative Writing (Fiction) at Bowling Green State University. While studying at BGSU, she encountered the Life Design program. As a Life Design Coach, Molly has been able to synthesize her love of creative thinking with her passion for supporting young people. 

One of Molly’s favorite Life Design tools to use with students is the Energy Engagement Map. As we transition into adulthood, it is critical to better understand our minds, bodies, and corresponding energy levels. Using the Energy Engagement Map, students reflect on how to best work with their natural energy patterns. Molly uses this tool to help students better understand who they are and how to best advocate for their needs. She also enjoys teaching Wayfinding Pathways, an activity where students envision and embody several future versions of themselves. Wayfinding Pathways allows students to take a creative and active approach to planning their futures as they reflect on their skills, talents, and interests.

Molly believes every student’s voice deserves to be heard. As a Life Design instructor, she creates a supportive, collaborative learning environment where students are encouraged to be creative and think differently. Molly invites students to contemplate all the meaningful possibilities in their futures and take steps toward their ultimate goals. As a coach, Molly continues her student-centered approach. She provides a safe space for students to discuss their experiences, both positive and negative, and reflect on how to progress forward. If Molly could offer one piece of advice to her students, she would invite them to look beyond the classroom and find meaningful opportunities to engage in the community. College students are in a natural time of exploration, and she encourages them to take advantage of new adventures, both locally and abroad. 


  • Port Washington, Wisconsin

Majors / Degrees

  • Cardinal Stritch University = Bachelor of Arts in English, Writing, and Secondary Education
  • Concordia University Wisconsin = Master of Science in Education (MS.Ed.) in School Counseling
  • Bowling Green State University = Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing (Fiction)

Professional Experiences / Certification

  • Creative Writing, Middle & High School English Teacher, Alternative Education, International Education (South Africa & Ghana), Juvenile Justice, School Counseling, Youth Mental Health, and Social Work
  • Board Certified Coach = Center for Credentialing & Education

Interests Outside of Work

  • Reading, Creative Writing, Running, Traveling, Social Justice, Personality Theory, Singing, Yoga, and Nutrition 

Words to live by

“You are growing into consciousness, and my wish for you is that you feel no need to constrict yourself to make other people comfortable.” - Ta-Nehisi Coates 

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