Michelle Bellman

Life Design Radbill Staff Portraits 2023

Michelle Bellman, MFA

Life Design Coach 

Email: mrbellm@bgsu.edu  
Address: 314 McLeod Hall

Hello there! I look forward to working with you and getting to know one another. I am a first-generation college student and I understand how overwhelming and lonely it can be to navigate college on your own. As a Life Design Coach, I am in your corner. I am here to not only help you find your best possible pathways through college and life, but also to champion you and be your supporter. I care about your personal narrative, identity, and story. All that I ask is that you show up ready to learn and ask questions!

Michelle has always understood the power of a good story and how it can change our worlds in big and small ways. Ever since she was little and having her dad read her Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia, Michelle has been writing and creating worlds of her own. She pursued this love of writing into her undergraduate degree and her master’s degree. As much as she loves being an author, Michelle fell in love with teaching during her master’s program and had great professors that encouraged her pursuits. She wanted to be more than an author and have a different type of impact on the world. Michelle loves the “aha” moments of learnings and how she could help people 1:1 during her office hours. She valued the community she created in her classes and how she could help students find their own voice and start working toward their own dreams. These core experiences led her to pursue becoming a Life Design Coach where she could bring together her creativity and ability to help students in a communal setting. Her selflessness and love of learning could continue to be fostered and grow as a coach because she gets to teach and advise students in meaningful ways both in-class and outside of it, whether that be finding the right major for them or encouraging them to grow and write their own story. 

Michelle’s favorite Life Design tool is the mindset of sharing your story. She wants students to understand their own personal narrative, so they can act from a stronger sense of their own self. Through this understanding of their own story, they can then have the bravery to share their own story out, causing a ripple effect of growing and sharing from others. During Michelle’s classes, she wants students to find their identity and the things they care about so they can find a more coherent and fulfilling life.

As a teacher, Michelle sees herself as more of a facilitator; she is not the sole authority of knowledge and wants students to actively engage and reflect with the content. Her goal is for students to become critical thinkers and active participants in their own life. In class, Michelle will create a safe space for all learners by sharing her own story and showing curiosity toward all of her students. As a coach, students can expect a similar, but more individualized, experience. Michelle will actively listen to her students and ask a lot of questions to help her students. As an empathetic person, Michelle will be here for you and help you create the next chapter of your life. During these sessions, students will also form action steps that they will be encouraged to build on, because Michelle wants you to move forward in the direction that is right for you. 

Michelle’s advice for college students is step out of your own shell and try things. College is rare time period in your life where you are encouraged to ask a lot of questions and explore yourself and the world in new ways. These 4 years are a safe place to explore who you are and what you want to do in the future. To do this, Michelle recommends not going home every weekend and, instead, find something on campus you are interested in and try it out. Michelle completely understands needing to go home for commitments and helping family, but she would like to see you truly engage and explore college in order to truly engage and explore yourself. With a bias to action and the courage to share your story, Michelle believes college can a positive time for growth and self-actualization.  


  • Wapakoneta, OH 

Majors / Degrees

  • Bowling Green State University = Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (Fiction)

  • Bowling Green State University = Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Professional Experiences / Certification

  • Adjunct Professor at Bowling Green State University 

  • Adjunct Professor at Ohio Northern University 

  • Published Writer 

Interests Outside of Work

  • Video games, the Star Wars universe, her pet birds, and her online communities 

Words to live by

“Do or do not. There is no try.” -Yoda

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