Kirk Ostojic


Kirk Ostojic

Life Design Coach 

Office: 314 McLeod Hall

Hello! As a Life Design Coach, I’m intrigued to learn your story and how you want to write the next chapter of your narrative. Life Design came to me at a critical moment in my life and has helped me to build forward and reframe my thoughts for the better. My hope is to be a positive part of your journey and offer you tools and skills that can help you navigate your future positively and productively.  
- Kirk

Kirk’s story showcases a genuine passion for helping students reach their full potential in a variety of contexts. Kirk grew up in the greater Chicago area and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts with minors in Cinema Studies and English from Central Michigan University. He followed his passion for film through a series of post-graduation experiences, including working for the Traverse City Film Festival, where he met his now-wife, Bre. Kirk then pivoted to sharing his love for literature and pop culture with students. He earned his Master’s degree in Education at the University of Toledo and served as a high school English teacher for several years. In this role, he also supported students in career development, including creating and organizing Adulthood Day, an opportunity for students to explore various facets of life after graduation. When Kirk was introduced to Life Design, he knew this role was perfectly aligned with his heart’s mission of helping students reflect on their experiences and grow as unique individuals.

Kirk’s favorite Life Design tool to use with students is the Wayfinding Pathways activity. He uses a combination of practicality, creativity, and freedom to help students explore multiple ways forward. As an instructor for BGSU 1910, the Life Design seminar, Kirk facilitates discussion-based lessons where students are encouraged openly share and learn from each other. He encourages students to truly embody the Life Design mindsets, making design thinking concepts come alive for students through references to television, movies, literature, and real-world, relatable life experiences. 

In Kirk’s one-on-one coaching with students, he asks thought-provoking questions that encourage each student to reflect on who they are and how they can best utilize their unique voice and talents. Kirk strives to empower students and provide a safe space for processing both successes and challenges. His goal in coaching is to work together with his students to build a better future, both on the individual and community level. Kirk’s best advice for college students is to be curious about those around you, talk to people, ask questions, and get involved in areas of interest early and often.


  • Naperville, IL

Majors / Degrees

  • Central Michigan University = Bachelor of Applied Arts in Broadcast & Cinematic Arts with Minors in English and Cinema Studies
  • University of Toledo = Masters of Education in Adolescent & Young Adult Integrated Language Arts

Professional Experiences / Certification

  • High School English Teacher at Tinora High School, Swanton High School, and Springfield High School
  • Assistant Manager at Franklin Park 16 and Levis Commons 12 Cinemark locations 

Interests Outside of Work

  • Movies, Music, Books, Meditating, Video Games, Fostering Dogs & Cats, Hiking, and Building Legos 

Words to live by

“All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you.” -J.R.R. Tolkien

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