Jacintha Murphy


Jacintha Murphy, M.A.

Life Design Coach 

Email: jratnas@bgsu.edu  
Address: 314 McLeod Hall 

As a BGSU student, your life is worth the investment. I’m here to offer support and resources as you write these chapters of your life at BGSU and beyond. I look forward to getting to know you and hearing your story. -Jacintha

Jacintha embodies the power of reframing and taking action. When Jacintha came to Bowling Green State University as an undergraduate student, she initially wanted to be a choral music educator. Her undergraduate experience was a transformative time for her on all levels. Through getting involved on campus and having prototyping experiences, Jacintha figured out what she did and did not like and opened her mind to exploring new routes for herself. She ended her undergraduate time by getting a double major in Music and Political Science with the hope of getting involved in non-governmental organizations and helping improve northwest Ohio by advocating for changes in local policies. To prototype this and explore her interests, she moved to Denver, Colorado, and learned and worked at Denver Seminary. After exploring a clinical counseling degree there, she learned how she wanted to be part of a broader community and help people find support throughout their life, which led to her coming back to Bowling Green with the intent of getting more involved in higher education. Here, she gained more exposure in how she could help and advise students. Jacintha got practical and meaningful experiences that culminated in her first master’s degree in College Student Personnel. She then added important milestones to her life by marrying her falcon flame and becoming a mother. Throughout this period, she continued to get involved in her communities (whether they be in Northwest Ohio or Denver) and mentor young adults as she worked on her own reframing of balancing work and family life. At every stage of her journey, Jacintha kept taking action and reframing how she viewed herself and what she could be. However, she kept following her true north of helping communities and helping people find their voice, which she now does a Life Design Coach. 

As a Life Design Coach, Jacintha could synthesize all her knowledge into a coherent model. She can now take a holistic approach to a student’s development; instead of just examining one thread of the student’s experience, she can now look at more threads and bring them together into a new, meaningful strand. Her favorite Life Design tool is the art of reframing. She knows how easy it is to get stuck when you only look at something through one lens. Jacintha wants to help students zoom out, look more objectively at themselves, and find a deeper view of themselves in order to understand more of what is going on in their world. By taking the time to self-reflect and reframe, Jacintha believes students can unlock varied expressions of themselves. 

As a teacher, students can expect that Jacintha will help them think about themselves and the world differently. She will encourage students to get their hands dirty by trying things for themselves. Her classroom environment will be defined by its opportunities for growth, connection, and sense of community. As a coach, Jacintha will always be in her students’ corner and will advocate for them. She will be someone who will listen and empower them to make decisions, challenge themselves, and take action. Jacintha’s coaching sessions will also be marked by compassion, care, and support. If she could give only one piece of advice to college student, Jacintha would encourage students to be intentional and thoughtful about every aspect of their college experience; she wants students to truly invest in friendships with people who inspire them and align with their own values. When you combine this intentionality with Jacintha’s coaching, you will gain the confidence to move forward and become the person you want to be. 


  • Findlay, OH 

Majors / Degrees

  • Bowling Green State University = Bachelor of Arts in Music and Political Science 

  • Bowling Green State University = Master of Arts in College Student Personnel

  • Denver Seminary = Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies 

Professional Experiences / Certification

  • Coordinator of the Honors College at BGSU

  • Admissions Counselor at Denver Seminary

  • Enrollment Data Specialist at Denver Seminary

  • Program Assistant & Academic Advisor for the Honors College at BGSU

Interests Outside of Work

  • Being outdoors, hiking, biking, tennis, kayaking, visiting Toledo Metroparks, playing piano, and spending time with family and friends

Words to live by

“You have been given questions to which you cannot be given answers. You will have to live them out - perhaps a little at a time.” -Wendell Berry

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