Social Security Number

For international students who have never had a Social Security Number Before follow the steps below.  If you need a replacement card, please go to this link.

Why you need a SSN: To get paid by the University or by your employer. You may only obtain a SSN if you have a paid job.

PROCESS for obtaining a new SSN:

Step 1: Print your offer of employment. This could a work contract, hire form, offer letter, or offer email.

Step 2: Submit your online request for a SSN letter at this link.

Step 3: ISS will process your request and if approved, you may pick up SSN letter from ISS after 2:30 PM, the following business day.

Step 4: Fill out application for SSN (provided by ISS or you may type it here).

Step 5: Take documents to Social Security Office:

o   Work contract/Hire form
o   Social Security Letter
o   Application for SSN – completed
o   Passport
o   Form I-20
o   Form I-94 (can be printed from

Step 6: If your appointment is successful, you will receive a letter from the office that you should scan and email to the payroll office showing that you have completed the application process.

Step 7: If your application is accepted, the Bureau of Social Security will send your Social Security card will to ISS.

Step 8: To have your Social Security card delivered by the Bowling Green Post Office to your local home address please follow one of these instructions:

  1. Make sure your name appears on the lease of your local home, or
  2. Make sure your name appears on the mailbox, or
  3. Call this telephone number, 419 352-7545, and advise the United States Postal Service at the Bowling Green, OH office what your local home address is, and that you want your mail to be delivered there.

Updated: 12/12/2022 03:47PM