J-1 Visiting Scholar Checklist

Step Action Parties Involved
1 Potential visiting scholar is identified by faculty member Department
2 Faculty member discusses visiting scholar with chair Department
3 Chair approves request to host visiting scholar and approves resources as appropriate Department
4 Chair discusses request with College Office Department,
5 Dean approves request and approves any resources as appropriate under the law (i.e., If academic unit has the resources and is willing and able to provide financial support to the scholar (subject to restrictions imposed by law or the terms and conditions of the funding source), that support can be provided directly to the scholar). Academic unit must determine if it is willing to pay BGSU’s administrative processing fees or if those costs will become the obligation of the visiting scholar. All such specific terms must be explicitly stated in the letter of invitation. College

If Visiting Scholar is a Non-US citizen College Office:

1. Contacts International Programs and Partnerships to inform of potential visitor

2.Sends visitor’s CV/Resume to iss@bgsu.edu to conduct restricted party screening on visiting scholar and home institution. 

International Programs & Partnerships


International Programs and Partnerships:

Consults with OGC if results produce a match

If visitor is from an embargoed country, sends the OFAC Sanctions List to College to complete.

International Programs & Partnerships, and

International Programs and Partnerships:

1. As appropriate, issues Export Controls assurance documents to sponsoring faculty member, department chair, and college office for their review, approval and signature.

2. Original signed documents are maintained by International Programs and Partnerships and placed in Visiting Scholar file.

3. International Programs and Partnerships issues copies of the signed documents to International Programs and Partnerships, Department, and College

4. International Programs and Partnerships issues Export Control assurance document to College Office to be included with letter of invitation with instructions to return a scanned copy of the signed document prior to arrival.

College and 
International Programs & Partnerships

Dean drafts invitation letter, with the supplement attachment included, and sends to International Programs and Partnerships (Betsy Herman eherma@bgsu.edu) and maintains original for later use (step 14 ). 

College and 
International Programs & Partnerships
10 International Programs and Partnerships reviews letter and supplemental attachment to ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations. International Programs & Partnerships
11 International Programs and Partnerships prepares the visa information packet and sends it back to the department or college along with the approved copy of invitation letter and supplemental attachment International Programs & Partnerships,
Department, and
12 Department/college emails a copy of the invitation letter along with supplemental attachment and visa information packet to the visiting scholar Department and 
13 Visiting scholar sends International Programs and Partnerships (international @bgsu.edu) the signed supplemental agreement and visa information packet  Department,
College, and 
International, Programs & Partnerships
14 International Programs and Partnerships reviews the signed supplemental attachment and visa information packet. If all in compliance, the DS-2019 (document needed to apply for a J-1 visa) is issued and given to the department/college to be sent to the scholar along with their original invitation letter and supplemental attachment (from step 9) International Programs & Partnerships,
College and 
15 Visitor takes the documents to embassy/consulate and applies for a J visa Applicant

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