Finalizing your loan

Click here to complete both the Entrance Counseling and the MPN

To receive your first William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan at Bowling Green State University, you must complete Entrance Counseling and sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN). The Entrance Counseling process ensures that you have a full understanding of the rights and responsibilities you will incur upon accepting this loan. The MPN will serve as your authorization to borrow and promise to repay loans through the Direct Loan program.

On-line Entrance Counseling is designed to help you understand your Direct Loan. Any undergraduate, graduate, or transfer that has not previously borrowed funds from the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan program at BGSU must complete this process before their loan can be disbursed. Please contact the Student Financial Aid Office at any time if you have additional questions about the entrance counseling process.

The MPN is a promissory note that can be used for Federal Direct student loans for multiple academic years (up to 10 years). Because Bowling Green State University is authorized and chooses to make multiple loans under the same MPN for more than one academic year, you will only sign one MPN. It will be used for all of your Direct Loans at BGSU. For example, if you enroll in college as a freshman and borrow under the Direct Loan Program for all years of study, you are able to borrow under this MPN for all years.

Parents borrowing a Federal Direct Plus Loan are also required to complete an MPN. The PLUS loan version of the MPN is also available electronically from the link below.

The electronic MPN site allows you to complete and sign an MPN over the web using your unique FSA ID number provided by the U.S. Department of Education. Additional details are included on the site. When completing the electronic PLUS MPN, the parent borrower's unique FSA ID number is required.

Visit to complete both the Entrance Counseling and the MPN.